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Louisville Bats

1954 Topps – Corky Miller

Over the next couple of months I am sure that a few cards of Corky will show up on this site. He just has a look that makes me want to make a few 70’s cards of him. I had the nice close up picture of him though so I thought I would take my first crack at the ’54 Topps card. This is another card that I made from scratch. From now on I would like to do that whenever possible instead of altering an existing card. It gives me a little more freedom to make things how I want them. This card looks a little off for some reason to me. I may have to tweak the design when I try this card again. (more…)


Corky Miller

Last season I saw Corky play for three different teams. He was on the White Sox to start the season, then was traded to the Reds. He played in the Civil Rights game that I saw for the Reds. Then by August he had been sent down to Triple A Louisville. He might be the only player that I have seen play for three teams in one season. (more…)

Matt Maloney

Matt was the visiting pitcher when I made my first trip to Victory Field in Indianapolis. He made his Major League debut about two months later against the Cubs. He only gave up two runs in the game walking away with a no decision. He is back with Louisville right now. With all the good young arms that the Reds have on their team you wonder if he will get lost. (more…)

Homer Bailey

Earlier I posted the highlight card of the game that Homer pitched last April. He had a great game striking out 15 in just 6 1/3 innings. He had great stuff, and I am surprised that he is not a bigger star already. The story from that game can be found here. (more…)

2009 Highlights – Homer Bailey Strikes Out 15

Last April I wanted to visit Fifth Third Field in Toledo. I had heard a lot about it, and wanted to see the stadium in person. The Louisville bats were playing the home Mud Hens that day. I had seen the Bats the week before in my first visit to the stadium in Indy. Another reason I was excited was that Homer Bailey was pitching for the Bats. He was a highly touted prospect, and was even rumored to be headed to the White Sox in the off season. Bailey fanned 15 batters in 6 1/3 innings that day. He looked simply awesome. My recap on that game can be found here. (more…)