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Caleb Shofner

This is yet another example of how a picture could get you in this set. I was in Austin the earlier this season and saw a game between Missouri and Texas A&M at Olsen Field. While in Houston to see the Boilers in the Sweet 16 we took a day trip to Austin to see the George H.W. Bush Presidential Museum. Who knew that this was right next door? Actually I did, and I planned the trip so that I could see Olsen Field. Thanks to my two trips to see the NCAA Basketball Tournament I was able to see two baseball teams in the baseball version of the tournament. The Aggies were part of the field that was announced today. (more…)

Gary Brown

I have to be honest on this one. I was lucky enough to see Cal State Fulleton play earlier this season when I was in Washington. I wanted to find a good enough picture to get a card in the set, and this was one that stood out. It was not until I looked up Gary that I found out that he is a really good prospect. One baseball site has him as the 58th best prospect out of college. I vividly remember seeing Kurt Suzuki playing for Fullerton in the College World Series in 2004. I followed his career right up until I saw him play for the A’s in person. Maybe the same can happen with Brown. (more…)

1993 #1 Draft Pick – Alex Rodriguez

We jump from 1987 to 1993, but stay with the same team. Alex Rodriguez was taken #1 overall by the Mariners in the 1993 Major League Draft. We all know what has happened since then. ARod has gone on to change baseball with both his bat, and his agent. (more…)

Jeff Beachum

By this point the Railcats game is well underway. Hopefully I have seen something decent to report back on. I should at least have some more pictures to make a couple more cards with. It is amazing how I have changed how I take pictures since I started this. I used to worry about just the home team with a few exceptions. Now I am having a blast getting as many players as I can. (more…)

Dee Brown

When this posts I will be at the Gary Railcats game against the Winnipeg Goldeyes. Last year I saw these two teams play on the Fourth of July. They have a special day game today because of the holiday so I will make my way over to Gary to catch yet another Northern League game. (more…)

Dontrelle Willis

The second card of Memorial Day is of Dontrelle Willis. Remember when he was on the Tigers? He was released by the team this week in a move that could have been a long time coming. He never really lived up to his billing in Detroit. I think that he was taken by the Tigers as a package with Miguel Cabrera. It will be interesting to see who takes a chance on this kid. (more…)

Kendry Morales

I would like to start Memorial Day on here by showcasing my Kendry Morales card. Morales was probably lost for the season on Sunday when he broke his foot celebrating a walk off grand slam. I imagine that front offices around the league were sending out memos after watching the replays of that incident. The celebrations may be taken down a notch. Next thing you know the pie in the face will be banned. (more…)

1987 #1 Draft Pick – Ken Griffey Jr.

Here is the second card in the countdown to the 2010 MLB draft. What team wouldn’t love to get a player like Griffey this year? I guess that I never really paid attention to the fact that he was a number one overall pick. I do remember two years later though when his cards hit the market. His 1989 Fleer and Upper Deck cards were the ones to have. I can’t remember it now, but there was a trick to pulling a Griffey in the cello packs. For that reason I have many 1989 Fleer Griffey’s in my collection. (more…)

Sammy Sosa – SP

Here is a hard card to put in the set. Sammy was one of my favorites as a member of the White Sox. It was nice to see him make history alongside of Mark McGwire. I have always loved this picture, and he was a huge part of my baseball life so this card will go in. It makes a fitting end to this short print Sunday. He was a lock for the Hall of Fame before he started getting named in the steroid news. It will be interesting to see how he is received when he becomes eligible for the Hall of Fame. (more…)

Ryne Sandberg – SP

The second card of short print Sunday is of Ryne Sandberg. This is not the typical card of the Hall of Fame second baseman. I chose a picture that I took at the ceremony to retire his number. Ryno is currently the manager of the Iowa Cubs, and is rumored to be in line for the manager of the Cubs when Lou Pinella steps away from the game. I think that a player of his caliber would have trouble living up to expectations managing his former club. We might have a chance to find out though if the rumors are true. He has done well at every level he has managed so far. Why not the pros? (more…)

Fergie Jenkins

As promised yesterday today’s short print Sunday will be dedicated completely to the Cubs. I said then that whatever team won the game between the Cubs and the Cardinals would get today all to themselves. Well to honor that promise (I was really hoping that it would be the Cardinals) I picked two Hall of Famers, and one that was well on his way.

This picture was taken last summer when Fergie visited the ballpark in Gary. He signed autographs for many people, and even threw some batting practice to a lucky few. The picture was taken during that batting practice segment of the night. No matter what the circumstances were it was still cool to see Fergie pitch.

1977 #1 Draft Pick – Harold Baines

Since the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft is coming up soon I thought that I would do a countdown to the draft. What better way to do it than to use #1 draft cards similar to the ones used in the 1985 set? I only thought that I had seen a couple of guys who were picked overall #1 in person. When I pulled up a list I realized that I had seen a lot of the guys picked number one. Today we start the countdown with the earliest pick. In 1977 the White Sox picked Harold Baines #1, and picked a franchise player in the process. (more…)

Ryan Ludwick

The final post of the Cubs/Cardinals day is Ryan Ludwick. Ludwick has had an interesting career. He was in the Tigers organization playing for the Toledo Mud Hens in 2006. He was playing good enough to make the International League All Star team. After that season the Tigers did not offer him a new contract. He was invited to spring training by the Cardinals where he made the Triple A roster for them. He was on the big league roster early in the season, and became an everyday player for the Cards in 2008. He is part of the tough outfield the Cardinals field everyday along with Rasmus and Holliday. (more…)

Kyle McClellan

The fourth card of the day is of Cardinal reliever Kyle McClellan. Kyle was among the Major League leaders in holds last season, and added stability to their bullpen. He was drafted out of high school by one of his home state teams, and it has got to be a thrill to play for them. (more…)

Sean Marshall

The third card of the day is of the Cubs solid reliever Sean Marshall I have set this post to go live right about when the first pitch of the game is thrown. So it makes absolutely no sense that I picked a relievers card to showcase. I rarely do anything according to Hoyle though so for me it makes sense. (more…)

Brendan Ryan

Today’s second card is of Brendan Ryan of the Cardinals. Most people would recognize Brendan by his high socks that hearken back to the glory days of the Cardinals. Then again some people recognize him by his mustache. He has a great one that I was able to see up close last season. Ryan is one of those players that is invaluable to a team. He can do it all, and is probably one of the hardest workers on the team. He also has two first names. (more…)

Caros Silva

Today I will be attending the Cubs game against the Cardinals. I thought that I would have some fun with that fact and post only cards of the two teams involved in the game today. I also decided that whichever team wins the game will have all the cards for Short Print Sunday tomorrow. The first card of the day is Carlos Silva. I used to love Carlos when he played for the Twins. When I saw him pitch in person the Sox did great against him. This year he has been lights out so far for the Cubs. He is off to a 6-0 record, by far the best in the rotation. (more…)

B.J. Upton

I have been to two games involving the Rays. One was in 2003 when they were still called the Devil Rays. The other was in 2008 in what would be a playoff preview. I took lots of pictures that night, but they were almost all exclusively White Sox players. I took pictures of one Rays batter because he was related to a former Silverhawk. That player is B.J. Upton. B.J. is a player that at times looks like he could be one of the best in the league. At other times he dogs plays that ends up giving him a bad rap. (more…)

Jose Contreras

My first Phillie card of the set. Unless something changes it will probably be the last as well. I have only been to one Phillies game in my life, and it was ten years ago. I did however have to tip my cap to the job that Jose Contreras has been doing there out of the bullpen. Jose seems to love proving people wrong. Every time they write him off he shows them up. His performance in 2005 will be remembered by Sox fans for a long time. (more…)

Mark Kotsay

Here is the card of the man who was traded for Brian Anderson last season. I am probably not the biggest Kotsay supporter in the world. He has started to change my mind the last few games that he has played. He has really started to hit the ball well so much so that he has played himself into a little more playing time. Mark has been a favorite of Ozzie ever since he came to the Sox from Boston last season. (more…)

Ryan Zimmerman

My first Washington Nationals card is of none other than Ryan Zimmerman. Going into last season I had never seen the Nationals play in person. That all changed on my birthday weekend when I saw them play two nights in a row in St. Louis. It was a great weekend, and I took many pictures of course. The Cardinals won both games, but the Nationals put up a fight both nights. Ryan is famous to me because I read Bus Leagues Baseball, and he is the reason that they have their Z-Meter on the site. So I was happy to finally put a fact to all of the hype. (more…)

Rossmel Perez

This card is not of a current Silverhawk player, but rather one who played on the team last season. Rossmel was an exciting player to watch, and so I thought that I would include him in the set. It didn’t hurt that he was a catcher either. He had decent numbers at South Bend last season, but he has improved them through 35 games at Visalia the Diamondbacks A+ affiliate. It will be interesting to see Rossmel mature as a ballplayer. (more…)

Ryan Hanigan

Here is yet another card from the Civil Rights Game last June. I had been hearing about Ryan all summer while reading The Writers Journey that I knew I had to get some pictures of this kid. One of my favorite teams from the 1985 set was the Reds. Something about the color scheme has always appealed to me. I have used some of the pictures from the Civil Rights game to make some cards for this set. Maybe I can get to a Reds game this season to get some current pics. (more…)

Daniel Ray Herrera

So here it is. My first attempt at a card of the Cincinnati Reds. I picked Daniel as the first card because he was so much fun to watch play.Daniel is a 5’6″ lefty that comes out of the Reds bullpen. He is known for his height, but he is also the only true screwball pitcher in the majors. (more…)