merging my pictures and cards

Gavin Floyd

1988 Score – Gavin Floyd

I made this Score set a while ago and I need to post the rest of the cards that I made so that when I make my new template I don’t have any of these left. Since I will be at the Sox game tonight with Gavin on the mound I thought that it would be a great opportunity to get this card out there. (more…)


2011 csd Preview – Gavin Floyd

Since Gavin came to the Sox in the Freddy Garcia he has been one of the most frustrating pitchers for me to watch. I don’t mean that in a bad way. He has such great stuff that you expect a near no-hitter almost everytime he takes the mound. That being said he has been a solid pitcher for the South Side, and is expected to be part of the great starting staff the Sox have this season. (more…)

1981 Fleer – Gavin Floyd

I was not too happy with how small my first attempt at the 1981 Fleer card was so I decided to try again. I really could not find a card online that was big enough for a decent template. I tried again with a different card, but I think I ended up with the same result. I used a Rangers card that was a little bigger, and just changed the team name. I can make a couple teams with this template now. (more…)

1989 Donruss – Gavin Floyd

We reach the end of the 80’s with a 1989 Donruss card of Gavin Floyd. I was originally just going to go to here, but I thought I might just go to the end of my collecting days. Right around this time was probably the most I was into the hobby. Around 1989 to 1990 I was out buying my own cards, and trying to pull players like this young kid named Griffey. (more…)

Gavin Floyd

Gavin is one player that I think can really be something special. Every time I see him in person I think that he could possibly pitch a no hitter. He has the stuff to be great. He has struggled early in the season so far, but had a solid last outing. Hopefully this is the start of something good. (more…)