merging my pictures and cards


1989 Upper Deck – Eric Wood

1989 Upper Deck eric wood

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1989 Upper Deck – Jacob May

1989 Upper Deck jacob may

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1989 Upper Deck – Joey Terdoslavich

1989 Upper Deck joey terdoslavich

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2013 Topps – Cole Stapleton


Here is yet another custom card from the West Lafayette baseball team. I have had a lot of fun putting my images on the 2013 Topps template. I have been trying to find an interesting image for each player. For some the images are hard to pick from. Others like the one above just look different enough from the rest to make it onto a card.


2013 Topps – Travis Rolle

2013 Topps TRAVIS ROLLE 10.14.38 AM

Here is yet another of the cards that I am making for the West Lafayette baseball team. It has been a lot of fun finding the pictures, and deciding which orientation the cards will be. It has also gotten me back into Photoshop which was the goal at the beginning. A picture like the one above would have just sat on my hard drive or ended up on Facebook where a few people would see it. Now it is out there where many more can see it. I like giving new life to my photos.

2013 Topps – Henry Terhune


This is the second of what I hope is an entire team set of cards for the local JV team that I photograph for fun. I have really learned a lot shooting these games, so I thought that I could give something back. I usually put my images on cards from my childhood, but I thought that I would try putting these images on the current set from Topps. I think that it has worked pretty well so far. I like the look of these cards, and I hope that the whole set will be something special.

1986 Topps – Hideki Matsui

86 topps hideki matsui

This is a card that I have had made for a long time. There have been cards just sitting in a folder waiting to be made with little hope of getting published. These A’s cards were in a folder because I was going to release them with the 2011 csd custom cards that I was making. When my interest in making the cards died so did the cards that were going to end up on the backs. It is now time to release some of these cards so that they can finally leave the folder.  (more…)