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Matt Thrornton

2011 csd Preview – Matt Thornton

“Matty Ice” is one of my favorite Sox players. It may be because we are the same age. It may be because we are both left-handed. It might also be because he makes throwing hard look so easy. Whatever it is I enjoy watching him pitch. (more…)


1985 Topps 25th Anniversary – Matt Thornton

Anyone who reads this or my other blog knows that last season was my 25th anniversary of my first game. The weekend also coincides with my birthday. I went to three Sox games in five days that weekend. I made a special set to commemorate that weekend to look like the ’85 Topps set with a few minor changes. Since Matty Ice signed an extension this week I thought that I would release his card. (more…)

1982 Donruss – Matt Thornton

The second effort by Donruss had a little more to it then the initial release. They added a bat and a ball to the card basically. Something just seemed wrong with my ’81 Donruss card. Taking off the year really too away from the card. I had done the same thing here, but quickly changed it. I didn’t want to keep the Donruss logo so I put one of my own in its place. I really like how it turned out. (more…)

Matt Thornton – All Star

I have been on the road the last few days so I am a little late in congratulating Matt Thornton on his All Star game selection. It is great that they rewarded him with a selection as the save category is usually used when picking relief pitchers. A few set up men have now been rewarded. None of them could have been more deserving than the selection of ‘easy heat.’ He has had a great start to the season doing everything that has been asked of him. He has made quite a few appearances as well. Ozzie has been playing the hot hand with him so far. I can’t wait to see him in Anaheim, and hope that Paul Konerko will join him. (more…)