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1978 Topps


1978 Topps – Patrick Smith



1978 Topps – Lexi Huffman


1978 Topps – Jenny Behan

1978 Topps Ethan Larisson


1978 Topps Ethan Larrison

1978 Topps tribute card featuring Indiana State Sycamore pitcher Ethan Larrison.

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1986 Topps – Gary Carter Tribute (1975-1978)

This morning I woke up to hear the news that Gary Carter had passed. As a kid that grew up in the 80’s and followed catchers Gary was a fun player to watch. Sometimes I didn’t give him the credit he deserved because that would have taken some away from my favorite player Carlton Fisk. I practiced all of the catcher drills that Gary showed me on a Mickey Mantle instructional video as a kid. The only problem was that I was left handed and would never play catcher. I was sad to hear of his passing so I thought that I could start a tribute set for Gary much like the one that I created for Carlton a few months ago. (more…)

1986 Topps – Carlton Fisk Tribute (1976-1979)

Just before I quite making cards I had this great idea to make a set much like the one that Topps did for Pete Rose in 1986. They took all of his cards and put the in sets of four to have a career spanning set. This is the second card of that set spanning the years 1976-1979. From here I have some decisions to make concerning the cards. If I don’t put any of the special cards or all star cards on the cards it will work out very nice. In my opinion though those cards are very important. I want to place them on the cards as well. I also toyed with the idea of adding Fleer and Donruss into the mix initially, and then Upper Deck and the others later. Of course things would get very confusing late when all the companies jumped into the mix. For now I think that I will keep things to just Topps. Later I might add some cards with just Donruss or just Fleer. I will at least make the next card in this set before deciding how to proceed.  (more…)

1978 Topps – Omar Vizquel

Watching Omar play tonight I thought that it was time that I released this card of him. I still have a bunch of cards that I made while snowed in this winter. Instead of releasing them all at once I thought that it would be better to spread them out. It is now time for Omar to get another card on the site. (more…)

1978 Topps – Scott Podsednik

Kenny Williams struck lightning twice with Scotty Pods. The first time when he came over from the Brewers he had a great start to 2005. Whenever he was on base the game was a little more exciting. The second time Scott could not find a team, and Kenny signed him to a minor league deal. He came up and used an unorthodox batting style to hit .300 from the leadoff spot. (more…)

1978 Topps – J.J. Putz

J.J. was a solid pitcher last season for the Sox. He did not last long with them though as he is now in camp with the Diamondbacks. I wanted to make a couple cards of him with some pictures that I had so I put the pictures I had on retro designs. I really like this 1978 Topps design. This one will be used a lot for sure. (more…)

1978 Topps – Carlos Quentin

After having so many themed days I thought I would post some random cards today. I like this 1978 Topps design so I am sure that I will have quite a few of these cards before I am done here. I already have a handful waiting to be put on the site. Being snowed in with nothing to do a couple times this winter really helped me stockpile some cards. Now I just have to take my time and get them on this site. (more…)

1978 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

The final card in today’s AJ dump is another new one. This is the only 1978 Topps card that I have attempted so far. I like how it turned out so I will make more, but I need to post some of the cards that I have before I can make any more. This card would have been much harder with my old editing program. The new one has a baseball that I can just put on the card so it makes it easier. I just put the position on the ball, and change the name and I am good to go. The ease of this template will ensure many more are made. (more…)