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1972 Topps


1972 Topps – Dylan Cease


1972 Topps – Gordon Beckham

I don’t know why it has taken me so long to put this card out. It was one that I made during last season. Sometimes for one reason or another a card just sits in a folder on my computer for no reason. I would like to try this ’72 design again so I need to get this card out there. (more…)

1986 Topps – Carlton Fisk Tribute (1972-1975)

Part of the fun for me with this blog is going back and re-creating the cards that I loved as a child. For the most part I have taken my pictures and put them on the templates from pre 90’s cards. One of the cooler sub sets that I can remember from the 80’s was the Pete Rose tribute set that Topps put out in 1986. They had all of his base cards in a six card set. Of course I had to try and re-create this set. I was going to use some cards of Paul Konerko that I had made. To get that going though I would have to creat a couple of new ones to start. Instead I thought about how cool it would be to just make this set for my favorite player as a child, Carlton Fisk. I have only made the first card so far, but I like how it turned out. It might be a while, but I plan on finishing this small mini set. (more…)

1972 Topps – Andruw Jones

Continuing the theme of former Sox players here is a 1972 Topps card of Andruw Jones. Andruw was one of my favorite targets to photograph during his one season with the White Sox. He did not pan out like the Sox brass had hoped he would though, and he was not signed again this season. He is currently playing with the Yankees. (more…)

1972 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

The A.J. Pierzynski dump has now reached the 70’s with this card. I really like the 1972 Topps design. Of course my favorite player Carlton Fisk was featured on his first big league card that year. It is a  simple design, but it has held up over the years very well. (more…)

1972 Topps – Scott Podsednik

I thought that I might post a few cards today. I think I really want to get that Cracker Jack card off of the top of the page. I do like these 1972 Topps cards, and I think it is time to put a few out. I love this design, and I really think the black uniforms look good on it. I have a few more of these waiting to be released so I might have to get to doing that pretty quick. I have been sidetracked a little lately. (more…)

1972 Topps – John Danks

The last few days I have heard a lot of talk that John Danks may be going to the Yankees. The talk has seemed to slow down, and I am glad. John was part of the package that came to the Sox in the Brandon McCarthy trade. He has been a solid pitcher for the Sox ever since. You could argue that he was the most consistent pitcher on the staff last season. (more…)

1972 Topps – D.J. Carrasco


1972 Topps – Jim Thome