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Joe Mauer

1976 Topps – Joe Mauer

76 topps joe mauerThis is another card that has been sitting in a folder for a while. For some reason I just hang on to certain cards. I was very big on finding cards to put onto this blog, and I was using pictures that I should not have been using to do that. This one of Joe Mauer is a good example. I really until last season did not have the equipment to get shots good enough inside of stadiums. That didn’t stop me from trying though as some of the shots would turn out. This one of Joe is a bit soft, but it is a good reminder of the game I saw him play in the final season of the Metrodome in 2008.  (more…)


1984 Topps – Joe Mauer

This is yet another card that has been sitting in a folder on my computer for a while. At one point I was not working, and the cards were being made at an incredible pace. This is one from that time period. I couldn’t possibly post them all so I decided to just slowly release them. When I stopped having the time to make them I should have just kept posting the cards, but for some reason I did not. Joe should not be one of my favorite players because he is a star for a rival team. For some reason though I really enjoy watching him play. This card has two pictures from two separate occasions that make it up. The main picture was taken as Joe was jogging out to the bullpen prior to a game against the White Sox in 2009. He didn’t look up so I had to make do with what I had. The inset picture is of him warming up in the Metrodome in 2008. I loved the old school Twins uniforms, but I didn’t know enough about photography yet to make the picture as sharp as it could have been. (more…)

1952 Topps – Joe Mauer

I have had some fun making the couple of 1952 Topps cards that I have so far. I will try and get some pictures this season that fit the mold a little better. Part of the fun is trying to get the signature on the card. To start off I have just found a picture of an autographed ball online, and just pasted it into the box. This will limit who I can make cards of to who I can find a good picture of an autograph. I have a few autographed ball here at home so I guess I can make that work. Before I make any more of these I may have to find a better template. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Joe Mauer

The last preview card of the 2011 set goes to Joe Mauer. I wanted to finish off this subset strong with a few good players. Since I had all the good players from the Sox in the set already I had to pick a few from other teams. Even though Joe plays for the Sox biggest rival he is still a good player and a good guy. It would be hard to top him to finish off this set. (more…)

1983 Topps – Joe Mauer


Joe Mauer

Joe is one of the best players if not the best player in baseball right now. He has a beautiful swing, and he can make contact with it. Even though he is one of the best players in the pros he does not forget the fans. He is one of the nicest superstars you will find. He plays for the rival of my favorite team, but it is hard not to like this guy. (more…)

2001 #1 Draft Pick – Joe Mauer

We all know about Joe Mauer. He is one of the best players in baseball right now. In 2001 the choice for the #1 draft pick really boiled down to two players. One of them was Mauer, and the other was Mark Prior. By 2003 it looked like the Cubs had gotten the better end of the deal with Prior leading his team to within one out of the 2003 World Series. We all know how that story turned out, and how Mauer has since changed things. He is one of the best hitters in baseball. A pure hitter with a beautiful swing. Mauer is the reigning MVP, and Prior is out of baseball. The Twins definitely made the right pick that day. (more…)

Joe Mauer – All Star

With the first round of balloting results issued yesterday I thought that it would be a good time to make a couple All Star cards. The first one is of course Joe Mauer. In 1985 Topps really had no rhyme or reason to how they put players on the All Star cards. Some players were placed in the set at the whim of Topps apparently. My plan was to take the players that make the 2010 team that I have seen and put them in the set. I picked Mauer to do as a test card because I am positive that he will make the squad, and if for some reason he doesn’t I could just use 1985 Topps logic. (more…)