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A Unique Find

My find at Meijer

This weekend I was down in Lafayette to see both Purdue basketball games play. You can read about those games here if you like. I was housesitting for my brother for the weekend so I was in Lafayette with not much to do on Friday and Saturday. I went for a trip to Meijer to pick up some 2011 Topps cards. While browsing through their card stacks I noticed a couple of odd packs sitting on the shelf by themselves. One was a pack of 1986 Donruss All Stars with a pop up card of Darryl Strawberry on top. I flipped it over, and a Harold Baines card was on the back. Right then I knew I had to try and get this pack. The other was a 1988 Donruss cello pack. No stars visible, but I thought it would be cool to open. I don’t know how they got on the shelf. Meijer doesn’t sell the boxes of wax packs like you see at Target or other stores. Maybe they have started and these came out of there. I took the packs along with a couple 72 card boxes of 2011 Topps up to the front to check out. My 2011 cards checked out fine, but of course the UPC bars on the older packs did not work. The young man called to the back, and the employee was stumped as well. I bought the 2011 Topps, and took the two packs to the back to get the story on them. The girl did not know what to do so she sold them to me for the price on the packs…sort of. I got the ’88 Donruss cello for the 99 cents that was on the front. She sold the ’86 Donruss to me for 50 cents since no price was on them. I wanted that Baines card so I paid the 50 cents for that. (more…)