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Chicago White Sox

1981 Donruss – Carlton Fisk

81 donruss CARLTON FISK

Part of the fun of freeing myself from having to use my own pictures on certain cards is the fact that I can go back and make cards that should have been made. Carlton Fisk signed with the White Sox in March of 1981 so the card companies did not have the proper time to make a White Sox card of the catcher. All three companies featured him as a member of the Red Sox in their 1981 base sets. Topps gave Carlton a White Sox card with their traded set, but the other two companies were probably more worried about year two of their brand than updating cards at the time. I decided to see what a White Sox Donruss card of Carlton (more…)

2013 Topps – Carlton Fisk (Red Sox)

2013 Topps CARLTON FISK red sox

I have already made two versions of this card for Carlton, but I thought a third could be used. I had threatened to make a card with Carlton as a member of the Red Sox, and I did just that. I like some of the older pictures of Pudge with the Red Sox so I will have to find a way to work them into this subset that I plan on making. I have found some using a Google image search, but many of the great older pictures are on sites like Getty Images. I will have to find a good source before I continue the Red Sox portion of this side project. In this particular picture Carlton is tagging out Lou Pinella just before their epic battle. Carlton had many great moments showing his dislike for the Yankees, and this is another of those.

2013 Topps – Carlton Fisk


Here is another version of the 2013 Topps card that I have made. This would be part of my custom set though meaning that it has to have one of my pictures on it. I love the idea of my pictures on cards so why not. I took this in 2005 as Carlton was getting his statue unveiled before a White Sox season. That year was a special year, and this was just another great moment during it.  (more…)

2013 Topps – Carlton Fisk

2013 Topps CARLTON FISK (2)

Whenever I have made a custom set I have included Carlton Fisk in it. I have always made it a point to include my own pictures as I do all of my cards. Today I thought that I might try something new. Inspired by Dick Allen Hall of Fame I decided to try and recreate what some cards would have looked like had Carlton been playing today. He has done some great things with Dick Allen through all the Topps years, and is now reworking through Mike Schmidt’s career. Click on the link above, or on the sidebar to see some of his great work. In addition to this card I also have a 2013 Topps card made with a picture that I took on it. I will post that card tomorrow.  (more…)

1985 Donruss – Omar Vizquel

85 donruss omar vizquel

I had planned to post this card thanking the ageless infielder when he announced his retirement. I guess I missed that because I saw his name on a future Hall of Fame ballot meaning he must have finally hung up his cleats for good. I just liked the moment of Omar applauding the pitcher that was leaving the game, and I thought that it would be a good tribute to him. It is an old design that looks pretty bad to me now, but I like the original idea of the card so it will stay up on the site. (more…)

1988 Topps – Gordon Beckham

88 topps gordon beckham black

This was the first card that I made for this black White Sox template. For some reason Gordon has been the first guy for most of the templates. I guess since he was the first custom card that I made I keep going back to the well on that one. He was once thought of as a savior at second base for the White Sox. Now he is a very good ballplayer on this upcoming team. (more…)

1988 Donruss Diamond King – A.J. Pierzynski

88 donruss pierzynski dk

Here is a card that I made very early on in my card making process. At the time I did not think that A.J. would make it past the trading deadline at the time. He actually stayed a couple of years after that so this card really shows its age. I was just learning a few things, and this card is very rough. I like the idea though so it makes the site. If anything it just shows how far I have come.  (more…)