merging my pictures and cards

2001 Upper Deck

2001 Upper Deck Decades – Carlton Fisk

I thought that since the White Sox were unveiling the statue of the Big Hurt tomorrow I would make a card from the last time I was at the ballpark to see a statue unveiled. Of course it was of Carlton Fisk. I altered the Upper Deck card a little to¬† make it my own. (more…)

2001 Upper Deck 70’s – Steve Garvey

Since I broke the rule earlier today about posting cards later than 1990 I thought that I might as well crush it. Here is a 2001 Upper Deck Decades card featuring Steve Garvey. I wanted to put this picture on a card, and thought this one might be good for it. I like the design of the card, and the picture did not look too bad for it. (more…)