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1986 Topps – Carlton Fisk Tribute (1972-1975)

Part of the fun for me with this blog is going back and re-creating the cards that I loved as a child. For the most part I have taken my pictures and put them on the templates from pre 90’s cards. One of the cooler sub sets that I can remember from the 80’s was the Pete Rose tribute set that Topps put out in 1986. They had all of his base cards in a six card set. Of course I had to try and re-create this set. I was going to use some cards of Paul Konerko that I had made. To get that going though I would have to creat a couple of new ones to start. Instead I thought about how cool it would be to just make this set for my favorite player as a child, Carlton Fisk. I have only made the first card so far, but I like how it turned out. It might be a while, but I plan on finishing this small mini set. (more…)

1975 Topps – Bruce Chen

Here is another color combination I came up with for the ’75 Topps tribute cards I have been making. This was a color combination that I am not too fond of, but for some reason I like how this card turned out. It has a very nice balance to it for some reason. (more…)

1975 Topps – Brandon Phillips

I was never too sure exactly what I thought of Brandon until I saw him play in 2009. As one of the bigger names on that Reds team you would have thought that he would have had a bigger head. Instead of hanging out in the clubhouse before the game he spent most of that time signing as many autographs as he could. That put him on my list of players to watch, and got him a couple of extra cards on this site. (more…)

1975 Topps – Adam Dunn

I have not made many cards of Adam yet. Some of that may be due to the fact that he is not living up to expectations. That is not a knock on Adam. It would be hard to live up to the expectations that the fans put on him before the season started. He has fallen on rough times, and the fans are letting him hear it right now. So far he has handled everything very well. I would love to see him reach the concourse in right field where he pointed at the day he was announced at the stadium. (more…)

1975 Topps – Starlin Castro

I have been missing from here for a couple of days. A new job has really had my attention lately. I thought that I would post a couple more of my ’75 Topps cards today to get things going again on the blog. The first is of Starlin Castro. He is still rough around the edges, but is a very good player. When he hits his stride I think that he will really be something else. I have made a few cards of the future star, and plan on making a few more. (more…)

1975 Topps – Mike Moustakas

Mike just proves the age old theory that if you hit me a baseball while I am at a game I will make many cards with your picture on them. I thought that since Mike hit me a baseball I would give him some star treatment for a while on this site. I gave him the same colors as a great Kansas City third baseman’s rookie card. As a kid I loved George Brett, and his ’75 Topps card is stuck in my head. I pulled it up to make sure of the colors, and put them on this card. I thought it was only fair. (more…)

1975 Topps – Brad Mumma

Are you sick of the ’75 Topps cards yet? I am not. I have had some fun coming up with a few different color variations with this card. I thought that I would include a hometown player in this set. Brad was a star player for the LaPorte High School baseball team before his pro career. He never made it above Double A, but it is still cool to see a local kid do well. (more…)

1975 Topps – Gordon Beckham

Here is yet another color variation I tried this morning while making some ’75 Topps tribute cards. This version is very close to the two Cardinals cards I released sometime back. The difference now is that I control the template. I can make this card for any team that I wish. I like the fact that I can manipulate this for college and minor league teams.

This is yet another picture taken earlier this season against the Mariners. I had a good seat that night so it seemed like that made it easy to get some good pictures. Here Gordon is waiting for his hat and glove after being stranded on second base. He got on base with a double that knocked in a couple of runs though. I just liked having a picture of a player without their hat on. Especially a hairdo as talked about as Gordon’s.

1975 Topps – Brent Lillibridge

Brent is a player that I was never very high on, but the way he has played this season he has really made me change my thinking. He really does give everything when he is on the field. In the middle of a season where people are not playing to the level you know they can it is refreshing to have someone playing higher than we thought they could. When I made the first few ’75 Topps cards I knew that I wanted Brent in that set. (more…)

1975 Topps – Lucas Harrell

I have been wanting to try and clone the ’75 Topps card for a while now. I made a couple Cardinals cards early on in my card making days, but I just used an actual card and cut out the center for my picture. I wanted to make a template that I could use and change up. The hardest part for me was how to make the multi color border while keeping the ability to change colors. The ’75 Topps set had many different colors so I wanted to be able to re-create some of those cards. I found a way to do it this morning while playing around so I now have a ’75 Topps template. The team name was troubling me until I found a very simple solution. I just took the name and cloned it. Then I changed it’s color to black before moving it down and to the right slightly. This created the shadow effect I was looking for. I like the few cards I made with this new template so I will try and get some of them out sooner rather than later. (more…)

1975 Topps – John Smoltz

When I was making the Pujols card I had the template open so I decided to make another card. I had some pictures of John Smoltz set aside to make cards of so I thought I would use on of them. I really like the 1975 Topps design. (I realize that I say that a lot. I apparently like many different card designs. The ones I don’t like so much probably won’t be on this site very much.) I knew that I wanted to make a few of these, and this was a good chance to make a couple. (more…)

1975 Topps – Albert Pujols

This is the second card in the Albert Pujols dump, and the second new card to the site. I have wanted to do the 1975 set for a while, but it looked as if it could be a pain. Thanks to my new photoshop program having a baseball template in it I was able to make this card fairly easy. Although a Cardinal player was the first of the 1975 Topps set I am sure that a few Sox players will follow. (more…)

1975 Topps (11.1%)

I have a long way to go with this set. I have 73/660 (11.1%) cards in the set right now. Here are the many cards that I need.

1 Hank Aaron (Highlight)

2 Lou Brock (Highlight)

3 Bob Gibson (Highlight)

4 Al Kaline (Highlight)

5 Nolan Ryan (Highlight)

6 Mike Marshall (Highlight)

7 Nolan Ryan, Steve Busby, Dick Bosman (Highlight)

8 Rogelio Moret

9 Frank Tepedino

10 Willie Davis

12 David Clyde

13 Gene Locklear RC

14 Milt Wilcox

15 Jose Cardenal

16 Frank Tanana

17 Dave Concepcion

18 Detroit Tigers (Manager: Ralph Houk)

19 Jerry Koosman

20 Thurman Munson

21 Rollie Fingers

22 Dave Cash

23 Bill Russell

25 Lee May

26 Dave McNally

27 Ken Reitz

30 Bert Blyleven

31 Dave Rader

32 Reggie Cleveland

33 Dusty Baker

34 Steve Renko

36 Joe Lovitto

37 Dave Freisleben

38 Buddy Bell

39 Andre Thornton

40 Bill Singer

41 Cesar Geronimo

42 Joe Coleman

43 Cleon Jones

44 Pat Dobson

45 Joe Rudi

46 Philadelphia Phillies (Manager: Danny Ozark)

47 Tommy John

48 Freddie Patek

50 Brooks Robinson

51 Bob Forsch RC

53 Dave Giusti

54 Eric Soderholm

55 Bobby Bonds

56 Rick Wise

57 Dave Johnson

58 Chuck Taylor

60 Fergie Jenkins

61 Dave Winfield

62 Fritz Peterson

63 Steve Swisher RC

64 Dave Chalk

65 Don Gullett

66 Willie Horton

67 Tug McGraw

68 Ron Blomberg

70 Mike Schmidt

71 Charlie Hough

72 Kansas City Royals (Manager: Jack McKeon)

73 J.R. Richard

74 Mark Belanger

75 Ted Simmons

76 Ed Sprague

77 Richie Zisk

78 Ray Corbin

79 Gary Matthews

83 Jim Merritt

84 Enzo Hernandez

85 Bill Bonham

86 Joe Lis

87 George Foster

88 Tom Egan

89 Jim Ray

90 Rusty Staub

92 Cecil Upshaw

93 Davey Lopes

94 Jim Lonborg

96 Mike Cosgrove RC

97 Earl Williams

98 Rich Folkers

100 Willie Stargell

101 Montreal Expos (Manager: Gene Mauch)

102 Joe Decker

103 Rick Miller

105 Buzz Capra

106 Mike Hargrove RC

107 Jim Barr

108 Tom Hall

109 George Hendrick

111 Wayne Garrett

112 Larry Hardy RC

113 Elliott Maddox

114 Dick Lange

115 Joe Ferguson

116 Lerrin LaGrow

117 Baltimore Orioles (Manager: Earl Weaver)

118 Mike Anderson

119 Tommy Helms

122 Al Hrabosky

124 Jerry Reuss

125 Ken Singleton

126 Checklist 1-132

127 Glenn Borgmann

128 Bill Lee

129 Rick Monday

130 Phil Niekro

131 Toby Harrah

132 Randy Moffitt

133 Dan Driessen

134 Ron Hodges

135 Charlie Spikes

136 Jim Mason

138 Del Unser

139 Horacio Pina

140 Steve Garvey

141 Mickey Stanley

143 Cliff Johnson RC

144 Jim Wohlford

146 San Diego Padres (Manager: John McNamara)

148 Jim Rooker

149 Tim Foli

150 Bob Gibson

151 Steve Brye

152 Mario Guerrero

153 Rick Reuschel

154 Mike Lum

155 Jim Bibby

156 Dave Kingman

157 Pedro Borbon

158 Jerry Grote

159 Steve Arlin

160 Graig Nettles

162 Willie Montanez

163 Jim Brewer

164 Mickey Rivers

165 Doug Rader

166 Woodie Fryman

167 Rich Coggins

168 Bill Greif

170 Bert Campaneris

171 Ed Kirkpatrick

172 Boston Red Sox (Manager: Darrell Johnson)

173 Steve Rogers

174 Bake McBride

176 Burt Hooton

177 Vic Correll RC

178 Cesar Tovar

179 Tom Bradley

180 Joe Morgan

181 Fred Beene

182 Don Hahn

183 Mel Stottlemyre

185 Steve Carlton

186 Willie Crawford

187 Denny Doyle

188 Tom Griffin

189 1951 MVP’s

190 1952 MVP’s

191 1953 MVP’s

192 1954 MVP’s

193 1955 MVP’s

194 1956 MVP’s

195 1957 MVP’s

196 1958 MVP’s

197 1959 MVP’s

198 1960 MVP’s

199 1961 MVP’s

200 1962 MVP’s

201 1963 MVP’s

203 1965 MVP’s

204 1966 MVP’s

205 1967 MVP’s

206 1968 MVP’s

207 1969 MVP’s

208 1970 MVP’s

209 1971 MVP’s

210 1972 MVP’s

211 1973 MVP’s

212 1974 MVP’s

213 Oscar Gamble

214 Harry Parker

215 Bobby Valentine

216 San Francisco Giants (Manager: Wes Westrum)

217 Lou Piniella

218 Jerry Johnson

220 Don Sutton

221 Aurelio Rodriguez

222 Dan Spillner RC

223 Robin Yount RC

224 Ramon Hernandez

225 Bob Grich

226 Bill Campbell

227 Bob Watson

228 George Brett RC

229 Barry Foote

230 Jim Hunter

231 Mike Tyson

232 Diego Segui

233 Billy Grabarkewitz

234 Tom Grieve

235 Jack Billingham

236 California Angels (Manager: Dick Williams)

237 Carl Morton

238 Dave Duncan

239 George Stone

240 Garry Maddox

241 Dick Tidrow

242 Jay Johnstone

243 Jim Kaat

244 Bill Buckner

245 Mickey Lolich

247 Enos Cabell

248 Randy Jones

249 Danny Thompson

250 Ken Brett

251 Fran Healy

252 Fred Scherman

253 Jesus Alou

254 Mike Torrez

255 Dwight Evans

256 Billy Champion

257 Checklist: 133-264

259 Len Randle

260 Johnny Bench

261 Andy Hassler RC

262 Rowland Office RC

263 Jim Perry

264 John Milner

266 Sandy Alomar

267 Dick Ruthven

269 Doug Rau

270 Ron Fairly

273 Steve Braun

274 Vicente Romo

277 Frank Taveras

279 Milt May

280 Carl Yastrzemski

282 Jerry Morales

283 Steve Foucault

284 Ken Griffey Sr.

285 Ellie Rodriguez

286 Mike Jorgensen

287 Roric Harrison

288 Bruce Ellingsen RC

289 Ken Rudolph

290 Jon Matlack

291 Bill Sudakis

292 Ron Schueler

293 Dick Sharon

294 Geoff Zahn RC

295 Vada Pinson

296 Alan Foster

297 Craig Kusick RC

298 Johnny Grubb

299 Bucky Dent

300 Reggie Jackson

302 Rick Burleson RC

303 Grant Jackson

304 Pittsburgh Pirates (Manager: Danny Murtaugh)

306 Batting Leaders

307 Home Run Leaders

308 RBI Leaders

309 Stolen Base Leaders

310 Victory Leaders

311 ERA Leaders

312 Strikeout Leaders

313 Firemen Leaders

315 Don Kessinger

316 Jackie Brown

317 Joe Lahoud

318 Ernie McAnally

319 Johnny Oates

320 Pete Rose

321 Rudy May

322 Ed Goodson

323 Fred Holdsworth

324 Ed Kranepool

325 Tony Oliva

326 Wayne Twitchell

328 Sonny Siebert

330 Mike Marshall

331 Cleveland Indians (Manager: Frank Robinson)

332 Fred Kendall

333 Dick Drago

334 Greg Gross RC

335 Jim Palmer

336 Rennie Stennett

337 Kevin Kobel

338 Rich Stelmaszek

339 Jim Fregosi

340 Paul Splittorff

341 Hal Breeden

342 Leroy Stanton

343 Danny Frisella

345 Clay Carroll

346 Bobby Darwin

349 Ray Sadecki

350 Bobby Murcer

351 Bob Boone

352 Darold Knowles

353 Luis Melendez

354 Dick Bosman

355 Chris Cannizzaro

356 Rico Petrocelli

357 Ken Forsch

359 Paul Popovich

361 L.A. Dodgers (Manager: Walter Alston)

362 Steve Hargan

363 Carmen Fanzone

365 Bob Bailey

366 Ken Sanders

367 Craig Robinson

368 Vic Albury

369 Merv Rettenmund

370 Tom Seaver

371 Gates Brown

372 John D’Acquisto

374 Eddie Watt

375 Roy White

376 Steve Yeager

377 Tom Hilgendorf

378 Derrel Thomas

379 Bernie Carbo

381 John Curtis

382 Don Baylor

383 Jim York

384 Milwaukee Brewers (Manager: Del Crandall)

385 Dock Ellis

386 Checklist: 265-396

387 Jim Spencer

388 Steve Stone

389 Tony Solaita RC

390 Ron Cey

391 Don DeMola RC

392 Bruce Bochte RC

393 Gary Gentry

394 Larvell Blanks

395 Bud Harrelson

396 Fred Norman

397 Bill Freehan

398 Elias Sosa

399 Terry Harmon

400 Dick Allen

401 Mike Wallace

402 Bob Tolan

403 Tom Buskey RC

404 Ted Sizemore

405 John Montague RC

406 Bob Gallagher

408 Clyde Wright

409 Bob Robertson

410 Mike Cuellar

411 George Mitterwald

412 Bill Hands

413 Marty Pattin

414 Manny Mota

415 John Hiller

416 Larry Lintz

417 Skip Lockwood

418 Leo Foster

419 Dave Goltz

420 Larry Bowa

421 New York Mets (Manager: Yogi Berra)

423 Clay Kirby

424 John Lowenstein

426 George Medich

427 Clarence Gaston

428 Dave Hamilton

429 Jim Dwyer RC

430 Luis Tiant

431 Rod Gilbreath

432 Ken Berry

433 Larry Demery RC

434 Bob Locker

435 Dave Nelson

436 Ken Frailing

437 Al Cowens RC

438 Don Carrithers

439 Ed Brinkman

440 Andy Messersmith

441 Bobby Heise

442 Maximino Leon RC

443 Minnesota Twins (Manager: Frank Quilici)

444 Gene Garber

445 Felix Millan

447 Terry Crowley

448 Frank Duffy

449 Charlie Williams

450 Willie McCovey

451 Rick Dempsey

453 Claude Osteen

454 Doug Griffin

456 Bob Coluccio

458 Ross Grimsley

459 AL Champs

460 NL Champs

461 World Series Game 1

462 World Series Game 2

463 World Series Game 3

464 World Series Game 4

465 World Series Game 5

466 World Series Summary: A’s Do It Again

467 Ed Halicki RC

468 Bobby Mitchell

469 Tom Dettore RC

470 Jeff Burroughs

471 Bob Stinson

472 Bruce Dal Canton

473 Ken McMullen

474 Luke Walker

475 Darrell Evans

476 Ed Figueroa RC

477 Tom Hutton

478 Tom Burgmeier

481 Will McEnaney RC

482 Tom McCraw

483 Steve Ontiveros

484 Glenn Beckert

485 Sparky Lyle

486 Ray Fosse

487 Houston Astros (Manager: Preston Gomez)

489 Cecil Cooper

490 Reggie Smith

491 Doyle Alexander

492 Rich Hebner

493 Don Stanhouse

494 Pete LaCock RC

496 Pepe Frias

497 Jim Nettles

498 Al Downing

499 Marty Perez

500 Nolan Ryan

501 Bill Robinson

502 Pat Bourque

503 Fred Stanley

505 Chris Speier

506 Leron Lee

507 Tom Carroll RC

509 Dave Hilton

510 Vida Blue

511 Texas Rangers (Manager: Billy Martin)

513 Dick Pole

515 Manny Sanguillen

516 Don Hood

517 Checklist: 397-528

518 Leo Cardenas

519 Jim Todd RC

520 Amos Otis

521 Dennis Blair RC

522 Gary Sutherland

523 Tom Paciorek

524 John Doherty RC

525 Tom House

526 Larry Hisle

527 Mac Scarce

530 Gaylord Perry

531 Reds Team

532 Gorman Thomas

533 Rudy Meoli

534 Alex Johnson

535 Gene Tenace

536 Bob Moose

537 Tommy Harper

538 Duffy Dyer

539 Jesse Jefferson

540 Lou Brock

542 Pete Broberg

543 Larry Biittner

544 Steve Mingori

545 Billy Williams

546 John Knox

547 Von Joshua

548 Charlie Sands

549 Bill Butler

550 Ralph Garr

551 Larry Christenson

552 Jack Brohamer

553 John Boccabella

555 Al Oliver

556 Tim Johnson

557 Larry Gura

558 Dave Roberts

559 Bob Montgomery

560 Tony Perez

561 Oakland A’s (Manager: Alvin Dark)

562 Gary Nolan

563 Wilbur Howard

564 Tommy Davis

565 Joe Torre

566 Ray Burris

567 Jim Sundberg RC

568 Dale Murray RC

569 Frank White

570 Jim Wynn

571 Dave Lemanczyk RC

573 Orlando Pena

574 Tony Taylor

575 Gene Clines

576 Phil Roof

577 John Morris

578 Dave Tomlin RC

581 Darrel Chaney

582 Eduardo Rodriguez

583 Andy Etchebarren

584 Mike Garman

585 Chris Chambliss

586 Tim McCarver

587 Chris Ward RC

588 Rick Auerbach

589 Atlanta Braves (Manager: Clyde King)

590 Cesar Cedeno

591 Glenn Abbott

592 Balor Moore

593 Gene Lamont

594 Jim Fuller

595 Joe Niekro

596 Ollie Brown

597 Winston Llenas

598 Bruce Kison

599 Nate Colbert

600 Rod Carew

601 Juan Beniquez

602 John Vukovich

603 Lew Krausse

604 Oscar Zamora RC

605 John Ellis

606 Bruce Miller RC

607 Jim Holt

608 Gene Michael

609 Elrod Hendricks

610 Ron Hunt

611 New York Yankees (Manager: Bill Virdon)

612 Terry Hughes

613 Bill Parsons

614 Rookie Pitchers (Vern Ruhle, Paul Siebert, Dyar Miller, Jack Kucek) RC

615 Rookie Pitchers (Dennis Leonard, Pat Darcy, Hank Webb, Tom Underwood) RC

616 Rookie Outfielders (Jim Rice, John Scott, Dave Augustine, Pepe Mangual) RC

618 Rookie Pitchers (Rick Rhoden, Scotty McGregor, Tom Johnson, Jamie Easterly) RC

619 Rookie Outfielders (Benny Ayala, Nyls Nyman, Tommy Smith, Jerry Turner) RC

620 Rookie Catchers/Outfielders (Gary Carter, Marc Hill, Danny Meyer, Leon Roberts) RC

621 Rookie Pitchers (John Denny, Rawly Eastwick, Jim Kern, Juan Veintidos) RC

623 Rookie Infielders (Keith Hernandez, Phil Garner, Bob Sheldon, Tom Veryzer) RC

624 Rookie Pitchers (Gary Lavelle, Doug Konieczny, Jim Otten, Eddie Solomon) RC

626 Larry Haney

627 Tom Walker

628 Ron LeFlore RC

630 Greg Luzinski

631 Lee Lacy

632 Morris Nettles RC

633 Paul Casanova

635 Chuck Dobson

637 Ted Martinez

638 Chicago Cubs (Manager: Jim Marshall)

639 Steve Kline

640 Harmon Killebrew

641 Jim Northrup

642 Mike Phillips

643 Brent Strom

644 Bill Fahey

645 Danny Cater

646 Checklist: 529-660

647 Claudell Washington RC

648 Dave Pagan RC

649 Jack Heidemann

650 Dave May

651 John Morlan RC

654 Jerry Terrell

655 Rico Carty

656 Bill Plummer

657 Bob Oliver

658 Vic Harris

659 Bob Apodaca

660 Hank Aaron