merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – Trevor Hoffman

I thought that since one of the best closers ever is going to retire that is no reason why he can’t have a card in this set. I took this picture in 2007 when I saw the Padres playing the Cubs. I knew that Trevor was good, but at the time I had no idea that the picture would end up on a card. I decided that since he doesn’t have a team that it wouldn’t matter that I made a Padres card for him. One of my all-time favorite cards was the 1989 Fleer card of Mike Schmidt where they honor his career. For some reason I have always liked that. I thought that a card showing him on the team where he did the most damage was the best course of action. If you notice I did change one thing on the front. Instead of a dash in between the players name and position I placed a diamond there. I thought that it looked good as well as being the surface that the game is played on.

The back of the card is relatively the same except I followed through on my idea of coloring in the text background. I think that it looks better. I have made a couple other cards, and they look good as well. I think that as I make these preview cards I am finding things that I will put into the regular set. This is also the first card with the generic background. I have never been to San Diego, therefore I have no picture of the park. Instead of using a picture that is not mine I decided to just insert a random background. Maybe this season I can add a couple new backgrounds to the set.

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