merging my pictures and cards

2011 csd Preview – David Wright

I have been having fun making cards for each team. With all the snow on the ground there really is not a whole lot going on. I took this picture in 2008 when we made our trip to New York to see both ballparks before they were torn down. I was pretty far away from David, so I was surprised at how well the picture looks on the card. Usually the long shots don’t blow up so well. I guess the conditions were perfect for my camera settings that day.

The back is unchanged from previous versions. I really like the color under the text, and I think it will stay. I used a picture of Shea Stadium since I have not been to Citi Field yet. Of course if you look close you can see Citi Field in the background so I guess it is the best of both worlds. I really enjoyed Shea Stadium during our trip. Of course we seemed to be far away from the action, and I could see why some fans hated it. I guess I was just caught up in history during the trip.

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