merging my pictures and cards

1985 Topps – Harold Baines

This card has a couple of stories behind it. I originally made it as one of the few short prints I was going to make for this set. I just liked the idea of a couple different cards. As you have seen that really took off to much more than that. This picture was taken in 2009 at the Civil Rights game. I liked Harold in the different uniform so I thought I would put the picture on a card.

I held off on posting the card because I wanted to change the color of blue on the bottom. At first I went with the color off of one of the cards in my collection. Anyone who has a few 1985 Topps cards knows that the colors really seemed to vary. I ended up liking a darker color much better. This was one of the first cards I made so it is rough. The team name is a little skewed. I still have trouble with angled text and making it look good. Any help from anyone out there would be appreciated. Looking back there is a lot I would have done different with this card, but I like how it shows how the process has evolved.


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