merging my pictures and cards

1985 Topps – Ted Williams SP2

This is the second short print card of Ted in this set. I made two with the intention of picking one, and maybe using the other. Then I started making other cards so I was going to use this picture for one of them. Since I had already made the card I thought why not release it. This is the final card of the 2010 set.

I love the picture on this card. It was taken at the Louisville Slugger museum. They have a somewhat live looking statue of Ted kissing his bat. The picture this statue is based off of is one of my all time favorite sports pictures. Ted was so happy that he hit .406 on the season that he kissed the bat he used on the final day. This picture will be on a card again I am sure.

Well that puts the 2010 custom set to bed. What started as a lark to make a Gordon Beckham card turned into a 501 card set. I never dreamt that it would have gotten so big. I didn’t even get to some of the cards that I wanted to make. The set is rough, but I had a blast making it, and getting the pictures to make it.

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