merging my pictures and cards

2009 Highlights – Civil Rights Game

Last year just over a year ago I was in Cincinnati for the Civil Rights game between the White Sox and the Reds. I saw a lot of highlights that day. Before the game Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron, Muhammad Ali, and Bill Cosby were all on the field. I mean how can you get better than that? I toured the Reds Hall of Fame, which if you haven’t done yet you need to. When the game started the White Sox found themselves in a shootout with the Reds. Eleven days earlier I was able to see Gordon Beckham get his first Major League hit in person. On June 20th he hit his first ever Major League home run with me in attendance. For some reason I have seen a lot of his home runs in person including his only one this season. The Sox won the game, and I went home happy. This was one of those games that I will remember for a long time.

The picture used for the card is of the follow through of Gordon’s home run swing. I also had a picture of Beckham being congratulated by third base coach Jeff Cox that I could have used, but I liked this picture better. Pictures from that night of Cosby, Ali, Aaron, and Robinson are all in the works. I may just celebrate that day today with cards from that day.

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