merging my pictures and cards

Bill Cosby – SP

Bill Cosby is one of my favorite comedians of all time. I was lucky enough to see him live, and he even performed his famous dentist sketch as his encore. That sketch was from his famous special Bill Cosby – Himself. I can recite most of that by heart. When I found out Bill was going to be at the Civil Rights game it only made my choice to attend that much easier.

Bill came out on a golf cart wearing a Homestead Grays uniform. Bill was mugging it up as usual as he was going around the stadium. I snapped this picture as he was passing in front of me. Just outside of the frame on the card is someone’s head who popped up. I had a lot of trouble getting a clear picture of the pre game ceremonies because everyone was trying to get a picture. I think the card turned out good though.

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