merging my pictures and cards

Alex Rios

Alex Rios has been a pleasant surprise for the Sox this season. After he did not play well following the trade last year a lot of fans were not happy with him. All he has done so far this season so far has been to become our most consistent hitter on the south side. He hit another home run today to continue to make his case for an All Star berth. The only real bats that we have seen the entire season so far have been Pauly’s and the bat of Rios. There may be an All Star card in his future.

Alex is a lot like Andruw Jones in the fact that I love his swing. Last season I never really had good enough seats at the games I saw him in to admire it. This season though I have gotten some good looks at his swing, and I love it. He starts off much like Moises Alou used to with an awkward looking stance. His legs are spread far apart, and he bends his knees to crouch. He transfers his weight beautifully though to create his power. He will be fun to watch patrol the outfield for the next few years.

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