merging my pictures and cards

Dan Uggla

So I am watching the Brewers game against the Marlins because the starting pitcher for the Brewers, Chris Capuano, used to play for the Silverhawks. Dan Uggla comes to the plate, and apparently he has struggled in his career against the hurler. Dan got a base hit on a ground ball, and on his way to first looked into the dugout at his teammates. Once he got to first he was laughing while looking into the dugout. He is having a blast playing the game, and you have to like guys like that. He ended up scoring that inning to give the Marlins a 1-0 lead. Uggla is one of those players that always seems to play hard, and seems to get the fact that he is being paid to play a kids game. He is one of those guys that you love to watch play.

This picture was taken on May 22nd when the Marlins were in town to play the White Sox. I had moved from my seat on the third base side over to one on the first base side near the end of the game so that I could get out of the stadium a little quicker. As you can see by the picture Dan put the ball in the air where it was fielded by Carlos Quentin.

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