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1988 Donruss – Rick Ankiel

The second card in the ’88 Donruss dump is Rick Ankiel. He only got into one game of the two I saw in 2009. He came in late in the second game, and this was the only picture I had of him. He is famous for being a promising pitcher that lost his control. The story turned though when he came back as a power hitting outfielder. He is a great story that is still going. (more…)

1987 Topps – Ryan Zimmerman

The deluge of 1987 Topps cards comes to a close with this card of Ryan Zimmerman. I decided to dump a few on the site today after seeing way too many sitting in my folder of cards. The snow storm really left me with nothing better to do for a couple of days. Once the template was made, the cards were very easy to do. I heard a lot about Ryan well before he made it to the Majors. I was happy to see him play in 2009 when I saw two games in two days in St. Louis. (more…)

Jayson Werth

With only a few days left this year I thought that I would post the last of my 2010 cards. I have been so busy lately that for some reason I have let this site go by the wayside. I decided that I had better finish off this set before the next season starts. (more…)