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1991 Fleer – Tyler Colvin

This was a fun card to make. I really only owned a couple of the real cards, but for some reason I liked how this one turned out. Tyler is one of the players on the Cubs that I actually liked. I was sad to see him struck by the bat, and was actually rooting for him to get back to the form that I thought that he could show. The Cubs gave up on him though and sent him to Colorado. I hope that he can find some of that form again.  (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Tyler Flowers

I know…I know. I have already made a preview card of Tyler in his Charlotte Knights uniform which he will be wearing to start the season. Why make another with a team that he won’t even start with? The answer is that I got to see him play a couple games this summer. If he can keep that going I don’t see how he sits at Triple A for too long. I know that the Sox have two catchers and a DH so he would not get to play, but the kid might just be coming around. (more…)