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1985 Topps Famous Lineage – Sandy Alomar Jr.

This is a card that I was excited to release. While coming up with a couple of extra cards for this father’s day celebration I wondered why I had not thought about using Sandy. He is a coach now, but his father did play Major League ball and so did Sandy. I always liked Sandy, and he just missed being in the ’85 set by a few years. Now in my mind he has completed his journey. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Sandy Alomar Jr.

For some reason I liked Sandy Alomar Jr. from early on in his career. I thought it was great that he was a member of the White Sox both times that he was on the team even though it was very late in his career. He is now coaching first base for Cleveland. He has now made both sets that I have done. It doesn’t hurt that he was a catcher. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Sandy Alomar Jr.

I normally would not do a card of a base coach, but I liked Sandy enough as a player that he makes the set. I loved watching him play before he joined the White Sox. I was very happy when he came over to them at the end of his career. It seems like the Sox have a knack for picking up good players when they are past their prime. (more…)

Sandy Alomar Jr.

On the last day of the season the Indians were in town, and I had a great seat near first base. Coaching first for the Indians was none other than Sandy Alomar Jr. When he came up I was a huge fan of his. He was one of the hot prospects that was tabbed to have a great career. He did not have a Hall of Fame career, but it was not too shabby either. (more…)