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1989 Pro Set – Ryan Grant

89 pro set ryan grant

As I said in the previous post today the Packers open up the playoffs with a game in Lambeau against the Vikings. I thought that I would post some of the cards that for one reason or another never have been posted yet. It is funny how things work. When I took this picture in 2009 Ahman Green had come back to the Pack to help out because of injury. Ryan Grant was the main guy. This year it was Ryan coming back because of injury. Ryan was fun to watch in his day. (more…)

1986 McDonald’s – Ryan Grant

Tonight there is a very slim chance that I attend the Packers game in Indy so I thought I would post some more of the cards that I made over the winter after the Pack won the Super Bowl. This McDonald’s design is very cool to me because I could not get them at the time. Where I lived I had to settle for Bears cards. Now through the magic of Photoshop I can have my own. (more…)

1991 Upper Deck – Ryan Grant

I know that he wasn’t on the active list this season, but the Packers have a very good running back in Ryan Grant. I decided that I couldn’t just leave out players just because they weren’t playing in the Super Bowl. This is my card set, not a team picture. As with the other cards in this Packer set I have taken an actual Packers card from the past, and modified it for my own purposes. In this case I took the 1991 Upper Deck Tony Mandarich card, and cut out the picture and changed the name and position. (more…)