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1977 Topps – Melky Cabrera

This is the final Royals card for the night. I like this card for a couple of reasons. The first is that for some reason I love the card design that Topps put out in 1977. Another is the fact that you can see the special patch that Melky is wearing. For some reason the Royals cards looked pretty cool to me so I made plenty of them. I will release the rest of them at a later time, but for now enjoy this final card of the day. (more…)

1977 Topps – Jeff Francis

When I saw the Royals play the White Sox on the Fourth of July Jeff was the starting pitcher. This is the same picture that I used for the previous card of Brayan Pena.  (more…)

1977 Topps – Brayan Pena

Here is yet another Royals card that was made for the backs of my 2011 custom cards. I really did not know who Brayan was at the time, but every catcher I saw made the set. This picture was taken on the Fourth of July as Pena was walking in from the bullpen with Jeff Francis. I used the other part of the same picture for Jeff’s ’77 Topps card. (more…)

1977 Topps – Billy Butler

I guess that I will post some of the Royals cards that I had made for the backs of my 2011 custom cards last season. I saw the Royals play the White Sox, and took a few pictures in order to make some cards. I put most of the Royals on a ’77 Topps card that I didn’t get around to releasing. (more…)

1975 Topps – Bruce Chen

Here is another color combination I came up with for the ’75 Topps tribute cards I have been making. This was a color combination that I am not too fond of, but for some reason I like how this card turned out. It has a very nice balance to it for some reason. (more…)

1987 Topps – Mike Aviles

Mike was a player that for some reason I got some pretty good pictures of last July. I moved around and ended up just behind the Royals dugout. I liked this picture, and made this card of Mike a while ago. As high as the bat was I thought that it could have been a ’88 Score card, but I like how this one turned out as well. (more…)

1977 Topps – Chris Getz

During his time with the White Sox I really learned to appreciate Chris Getz. He is not a flashy player, but he does get the job done. I was sad to see him go to the Royals, and looking back at what Mark Teahen has done for the Sox makes that trade even harder to stomach. The Sox needed to make room for Gordon Beckham though so the trade had to be done. (more…)

1975 Topps – Mike Moustakas

Mike just proves the age old theory that if you hit me a baseball while I am at a game I will make many cards with your picture on them. I thought that since Mike hit me a baseball I would give him some star treatment for a while on this site. I gave him the same colors as a great Kansas City third baseman’s rookie card. As a kid I loved George Brett, and his ’75 Topps card is stuck in my head. I pulled it up to make sure of the colors, and put them on this card. I thought it was only fair. (more…)

1988 Topps – Chris Getz

I have posted a few Royals cards over the last couple of days. For some reason I just love how their team colors look on a card. One of those that I loved as a kid was the 1988 Topps cards. I really have the Bo Jackson and George Brett cards stuck in my head. I thought that I would give the card a try tonight. (more…)

1984 Topps – Mike Moustakas

Mike may get a few cards on this site. He has a few things going for him. One of them is that he is a hot young prospect. The second is that he plays for the Royals. For some reason when I make a custom card of a Royals player I tend to like it. It must be something about their color scheme that I like. The third thing he has going for him is that he hit me a ball in batting practice. Any time a player gets me a souvenir I tend to make a few cards of him. For some reason I like this set. It may be due to the fact that it was the first set that I collected. I only had a few cards, but they were from this set. That might be why I try and make these cards as much as I can. (more…)

1977 Topps – Eric Hosmer

Part of making my 2011 custom set has been coming up with cards for my card backs. In order to make things a little easier I have now picked one set to feature for a team. For the Royals I picked the ’77 Topps set. The Royals have some young talent that I was exited to see. The two players in particular that I was excited about seeing for the first time both did things to impress me. Eric of course tied the game in the ninth inning with his home run to center field. (more…)

1977 Topps – Bruce Chen

After work today I turned on the Sox game to see Bruce Chen going against my guys. Last season I had fun watching both Bruce and Joakim Soria having fun in the outfield during batting practice. Part of the fun of going to the game on the Fourth was to see these two again. (more…)

1976 Topps – Mike Aviles

This is a card that I made a while ago, but for some reason it has just sat in a file. As I have said many times on this blog I had some great seats last July for a game with the Royals and the White Sox. I took way too many pictures that day so it is only natural that some of them would end up on some cards. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – David DeJesus

Some players you just picture on a certain team. It doesn’t matter if they played on other squads you just think of one team when you hear their name. When I hear the name David DeJesus I immediately think of the Royals. Of course he now plays for the Athletics. He was traded this past off season, but in my mind he will always be a Royal. I may have just beaten that fact into the ground. (more…)

1984 Topps – Scott Podsednik

I have done a few Scotty Pods cards so far on this site. I think part of that is nostalgia for the ’05 Championship team, and the other part was that he came back with the Royals right when I started making cards for this site. I had a couple close up shots of his face so I decided to try a 1984 Topps card of him. (more…)

1987 Topps – Scott Podsednik

Here is yet another card of Scotty Pods. Last year I saw a few former Sox players when the Royals came to town. It seems as if the two teams have a knack for playing former players of the other teams. (more…)

1976 Topps – Chris Getz

I love this design for the 1976 Topps cards. The only problem is that each position needs a different template. The set does come from my birth year though so I will probably find a way to make a few more. (more…)

1987 Fleer – Joakim Soria

I love the design of the 1987 Fleer card. Something about it just really looks great. I thought that 24 years ago, and I still think that today. That being said these cards take a little more work to get the head to pop off the card so I don’t make near as many as I should. I will have to try and get a few more made as the summer goes on. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Mike Aviles

For some reason last season when I acquired some good seats near the end of a Sox game against the Royals Mike Aviles seemed to be part of the action a lot. I don’t follow Kansas City baseball too closely so I did not know too much about him at the time. I do know that he has switched his number, but when I was making these cards I did not know that, and I used the number he wore last season. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Joakim Soria

Joakim became one of my favorites last July during batting practice before a game against the White Sox. I found him on the field to get a couple of pictures for my 2010 custom set. I ended up taking quite a few because of the way he was having fun with his teammates. That is what the game is about, and to see a superstar doing that is refreshing. He was also shagging fly balls which a lot of closers will not do. They just stand like statues near one of the foul lines. Soria was having a blast, and became a player that I look forward to coming to town. Until the ninth inning of course! (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Bruce Chen

This picture was taken last season as the Royals were taking batting practice at the Cell. Bruce was catching Joakim Soria as he was messing around. Watching Chen and Soria have fun while playing the game made me instant fans of them. You see so many players just going through the motions out there. It has to be hard to shag balls for 162 days so you have to love the guys that find ways to make it fun. (more…)

1987 Topps – Joakim Soria

I like the picture for this card, and knew what I was going to do with it once I first saw it. I didn’t think that it would take this long for it to appear on a card though. In July I saw the Royals play at the Cell for the second time last year. During batting practice I made a point to find Joakim Soria who I did not see the first time. I wanted to get a couple pictures for cards, but as with most players during bp all you see are their backs. By the time I was done I had a few good pictures of the closer including this one. (more…)

2011 csd Custom Preview: Brian Bannister

I guess this set has already had a moment like the major sets do. I made this card of Brian last night, then today found out that he had signed with a team in Japan. The early sets usually have players playing for teams other than the ones they actually do so I thought that I would go ahead and post the card. I may even try my first Japanese card with Brian. It will be interesting to see what he does with the Yumiuri Giants in Japan. (more…)

1977 Topps – Brian Anderson

Here is another blast from the past. Brian Anderson was once the promise of a great center fielder. He really never lived up to his billing at the plate. I still remember Hawk comparing him favorably to Grady Sizemore during a Sox broadcast. He was a really good outfielder though. His glove saved the Sox quite a few runs when he was in the field. His bat was his undoing though, and he was traded to Boston for Mark Kotsay in 2009. He was released by them, and caught on with the Kansas City Royals as a pitcher. He even made it to the big league club late in the season. He was not retained by the Royals, and signed a contract with the New York Yankees. It will be interesting to see what Brian can do as a pitcher. (more…)