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2011 csd Preview – Ramon Castro

Ramon came to the Sox to be the backup to A.J. Pierzynski at catcher. That has to be a fairly easy job as A.J. does not like to sit out many games. Ramon has made the most of his chances though. He caught Mark Buehrle’s perfect game in 2009. From what I have seen in batting practice he has a lot of power as well. He hits some tape measure shots when they are just thrown in there. If he could only transfer that to the games. (more…)

1992 Donruss – Ramon Castro

Now we are quickly coming up on cards that I really didn’t collect. I was going to stop at the 1991 Donruss card, but I realized that I did get a few packs of these Donruss cards. I liked the look of the card, and wanted the challenge of the team name. I wanted to stay sort of true to the set by keeping the 1992 on the top of the card. I tried many ways of putting my name on the card, and none of them looked very well. I stuck with the current design at the top because it looked the best. The team and position line was easy so that did not take very long. The hardest part I thought was going to be the player name. How could I get an outline around the name? It turned out to be simple. I never use the text section on the side of my photoshop program. I found one that I thought worked very well. It is not perfect, but for me it is pretty good. (more…)

1983 Fleer – Dewayne Wise and Mark Buehrle