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1984 Topps – Dorien Bryant

I was getting pumped up for the Purdue game against Notre Dame game tonight so I thought that I would make a few cards of both teams as sort of a countdown to the 8:00 kickoff. (more…)


1984 Topps – Curtis Painter

I thought that since I had made the template for the Boilers with the intention of making it easy to make cards for multiple teams that I should try it out. This card was a little easier to make than the Purdue card. I have an actual card from 1984 to use to pick out colors. If I had to make this card from scratch I certainly would not have chosen these colors. I like the set overall though so I will stay true to it when possible even if I don’t like the colors they chose then. I may have to make an alternate version of this card eventually though. (more…)

1984 Topps – Ralph Bolden

I thought that I would post a couple football cards on this last Sunday without football. I wanted to try and replicate the ’84 Topps set. Earlier on this site I just altered an existing card to save some time. The design is simple enough that I thought it wouldn’t take too much to do. The hardest part for me though was how to make the card a template that I could use to make other cards. Once I figures that out it was easy to make. Easy that is except for coming up with the Boilers colors. Black and Gold would be used, but where and what shades? I also was struggling with what color to use for the nameplate on the card. In ’84 that plate color had nothing to do with the team colors. Starting from scratch was a challenge, but I like the results. I am sure that a few more of these will show up throughout the season. (more…)

1989 Hoops – JaJuan Johnson

The celebration of the two Purdue draft picks continues with this ’89 Hoops card. I picked this card for a couple of reasons. One of them is that this was the year that I probably had the most cards. I love this simple design. It is one of the favorites of my childhood. The other reason is that this is the birth year of JaJuan Johnson. He was taken with the 27th overall pick in the NBA Draft last night by the Nets, and then traded to the Boston Celtics. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Matt Morgan

After having to make two cards lately to make one it is nice to just make the custom card. As I have said before it seems like I end up seeing Matt pitch every time that I attend a Purdue game. He pitched the game against Penn State that I attended last season so I had a 2010 custom card at the ready for him. Matt is now the Friday pitcher for the Boilers. He is the one they turn to when they want to start a series off right. He has been performing well so far this season. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Matt Morgan

For some reason it seems like every time that I see a Purdue game over the last couple of years Matt is pitching for the Boilermakers. I am not sure, but a couple of years ago I think that I was sitting with his parents or some sort of family watching him pitch against Ohio State. Last year he pitched the lone game that I saw Purdue play. (more…)