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1986 Topps – Calvin Gunter

This is another card that was made for the back of my custom card last year. For some reason though that set never got finished, and the cards that were made just sat in a folder. Finally this card can see the light of day. It is very good timing too as the Boilers finally come home tonight to play their first home game of the season. It will not be in the new stadium as previously planned, but it will still be nice to see the boys play. They have been very good, and finally getting some national attention. It will be nice to see them getting some local attention after work today. (more…)

1991 Leaf – Tyler Spillner

Tyler made the 2010 custom set because of a great catch he made while crashing into the plywood wall during a game I witnessed live. He is a talented member of the team that was going to make this year’s set regardless of performance. His home run in the first game of the Big Ten Tournament this season was huge. (more…)

1986 Topps – Cameron Perkins

Cameron is another of the very talented sophomore players on the Boilermaker squad. He has really performed well in the games that I have seen the Boilers play. He will be fun to watch as he finishes out his Boiler career. I enjoy watching him play so much that I made a second retro card for him. (more…)

1985 Topps – Nick Wittgren

Nick is the closer for the Boilers. Since they are playing in the Big Ten Tournament this weekend I thought that I would post a few cards that I have already made of them. (more…)

1985 Topps – Eric Charles

Today Purdue starts play in the Big Ten Tournament. With that in mind I thought I would post some cards of the Boilers today. The first of those is this ’85 Topps card of Eric Charles. Eric is a scrappy player that I really enjoy watching. He just seems to have a knack of getting on base and scoring. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Sean McHugh

Earlier today I released the 1986 Topps card of Sean. That is the card that I used for the back of this custom card. Sean was probably not going to be in this set, but he did try and hit me with a line drive. Maybe he was trying to get my attention. It worked, and he makes it into the set. (more…)

1985 Topps – Cameron Perkins

Cameron had a nice weekend against the Hoosiers. His two home runs were huge in the win Sunday. He is a very good player that is also versatile. Earlier in the season I saw him at third, and just watched him play first during the series this past weekend. He has also pitched when his team has needed him. (more…)

1984 Topps – Kevin Plawecki

For some reason I have always admired catchers. I guess that is why the most cards from any one position usually are from the catcher for each team. This is the second card of Kevin’s that I have posted tonight. I made a couple before heading down to West Lafayette to see the Boilers play. I remade my ’84 Topps template for the Boilers. I was going to use black lettering, but stuck with the gold. I think that it turned out pretty good. (more…)

1986 Topps – Kevin Plawecki

Since I will be at Purdue all day today I thought that I would post some Boiler cards while I am gone. This one is of catcher Kevin Plawecki. I re-made my 1986 Topps template so that I can now make a card from almost any team. This set is now 25 years old, but I still like it. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – David Miller

The Purdue game against the Boilers will start shortly, and since I will be there I thought I would have this card post near the start time. The Boilers are in the midst of the Big Ten race, and this weekend series against their rivals the Hoosiers will go a long way towards decided how it turns out. (more…)

1985 Topps – David Miller

David is a transfer that is helping fill a void left by the graduation of LaPorte native Nick Overmyer. Since Purdue is in the middle of a big series against the rival Hoosiers this weekend I thought I would post some Purdue cards today. As with most of the Purdue cards in this set I picked the ’85 Topps card for the back of my 2011 custom card. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Blake Mascarello

Here is the first Purdue card of the 2011 set. I thought that I would post one of a former member of the Duneland conference to start things off. Mascarello is a former Crown Point Bulldog. I am used to seeing him in shoulder pads, but he did alright on the mound a couple of weeks ago. Blake came into the Saturday game against the Wolverines and pitched very well. (more…)