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1980 Topps – J.J. Putz

Thanks to I have watched a few Diamondbacks games already this season. Their new closer is J.J. Putz who was a setup man on the White Sox last season. J.J. had a good year, but the Sox decided to go another way with the arms they already had this season. Putz had a good audition with his contract to sign a bigger one somewhere else. (more…)

1978 Topps – J.J. Putz

J.J. was a solid pitcher last season for the Sox. He did not last long with them though as he is now in camp with the Diamondbacks. I wanted to make a couple cards of him with some pictures that I had so I put the pictures I had on retro designs. I really like this 1978 Topps design. This one will be used a lot for sure. (more…)