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1987 Topps – Jerrud Sabourin

I have really neglected this site for the past couple of months. I had a bunch of cards sitting in a folder, and I realized that it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to actually put them out there. So I will not be making any new cards, but rather just releasing some older ones so that people can see what I took the time to make.  (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Eric Kartman

Can you guess why Eric has made this set? When I heard his named announced during a game against Purdue I had to check my roster to see if I heard it right. Although it is not spelled the same it is pronounced just like the South Park character. I immediately knew that he had to make this set. (more…)

1991 Leaf – Wes Wilson

Wes is a player that had a great weekend when I saw him play live. Couple that with the fact that he is a catcher, and he gets a couple of cards on this blog. (more…)

1987 Topps – Trace Knoblach

While watching a game earlier this season between the Indiana Hoosiers and the Purdue Boilermakers I noticed a familiar name on the roster for Indiana. A quick check on my phone confirmed that Trace is the nephew of former big leaguer Chuck Knoblach. Chuck was one of my favorite players to watch when he played for the Twins. It is weird to enjoy watching a player on a division rival. I kind of have that now with Joe Mauer on the Twins. (more…)

2011 csd Custom – Wes Wilson

Here is my custom card of the Hoosiers backstop. He had a nice weekend series against the Boilermakers a couple of weeks ago. He also had a home run in the limited action I saw on the Big Ten Network this weekend. Being a catcher he was probably getting in this set anyway, but having a good series cemented his status. (more…)

1987 Topps – Wes Wilson

While flipping through the channels this morning I stumbled upon the Indiana baseball game against Northwestern. It is probably blasphemy to post an IU card on the weekend that Purdue is playing a huge series at Michigan State, but I have to get some of these out there so that I can post the 2011 custom cards of the players. (more…)

1987 Topps – Eric Kartman

Here is yet another card that I had to make before I could make another card. Last weekend when Indiana was in town to play the Boilers the name of one of their relievers caused a small stir in the crowd. I swore that I heard the announcer say Eric Cartman. As I looked around I noticed that other people were trying to figure out if that is what the announcer said. When I got home I looked up his name, and sure enough I heard the announcer right. Just for fun I thought that I would put Eric in the set. (more…)