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2011 csd Custom – Lucas Harrell

Lucas was claimed off waivers from the White Sox earlier this week. Because I am not quick at these things it took this long for me to get his ’11 custom card on the site. I enjoyed the way that he interacted with the fans so I was sad to see him go. On the upside I may have to try and get a picture of him with his new team for the update set. (more…)

1975 Topps – Lucas Harrell

I have been wanting to try and clone the ’75 Topps card for a while now. I made a couple Cardinals cards early on in my card making days, but I just used an actual card and cut out the center for my picture. I wanted to make a template that I could use and change up. The hardest part for me was how to make the multi color border while keeping the ability to change colors. The ’75 Topps set had many different colors so I wanted to be able to re-create some of those cards. I found a way to do it this morning while playing around so I now have a ’75 Topps template. The team name was troubling me until I found a very simple solution. I just took the name and cloned it. Then I changed it’s color to black before moving it down and to the right slightly. This created the shadow effect I was looking for. I like the few cards I made with this new template so I will try and get some of them out sooner rather than later. (more…)

1985 Topps – Jeff Bagwell

Here is the other statue that sits outside of Minute Maid Park in Houston. I liked them so much that I knew I had to make cards out of them. They have a nice little park with a mock diamond on the ground. Biggio is playing second throwing the ball to Bagwell who is at first. This was a nice was to honor their former stars. (more…)

1989 Upper Deck – Joe Crede (Parade)