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1987 Fleer – Pierzynski and Sale

In late 2010 I attended the White Sox game against the Tigers in Detroit. In the bottom of the ninth Sale gave up what appeared to be the game winning home run to Brandon Inge. The ball was ruled fair on the field, but was clearly foul. Thanks to replay the call was overturned and the White Sox had another chance. Sale struck out Inge, and pitched a great tenth to earn his first Major League win. I have the lineup card from the Tigers dugout that I bought prior to the game. After Sale earned the win I was stoked that it was mine. I made this card right after the win, but for some reason never released it.  (more…)

1984 Fleer Special – Pierre, Rios, Quentin

This was one of the first SuperStar Special cards that I attempted. As a kid I always looked forward to seeing who Fleer paired up on these cards every year. I don’t have the access to the players like Fleer does so I have to be a little creative when I make these cards.  (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Chris Sale

Last season I had no idea who Chris was when he was drafted by the Sox. By the time I met him while he was playing for Charlotte, and watching the inside the club show the MLB Network had on the Sox I had a much better idea of who Chris Sale was. I was still surprised at how well he pitched when he was called up to the show. The Sox are counting on him to do a lot more when the season starts this year. (more…)

1987 Topps – Juan Pierre

This card has a special meaning to me for a couple of reasons. One it is a cool 1987 Topps. I don’t already have a monster box full of these things so I need some more. I may have more of these than any other card. For some reason though I still like the card. (more…)

1985 Donruss – Chris Sale

I figure that I had better get this rated rookie card of Chris out of the way. He will be pitching in his second season next year so I can start making regular cards of him. I was excited earlier in the season when Chris stepped up to throw in the White Sox bullpen. I had already met him in Indy while he was playing for Charlotte, and I hoped that he would get in the game. This kid can pitch, and he quickly let the club know that he was ready to go. (more…)

1965 Topps – Brent Morel & Chris Sale