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1984 Topps – A.J. Pierzynski

I had made this card a long time ago with some other Sox players. This was the first card type that I owned. It has probably been said many times on here, but I picked up my first baseball card ever in a trade for a french fry. It was a battered ’84 Topps Vance Law. I still have that card somewhere, and for that reason I always will enjoy this set.  (more…)


1977 Topps – Jeff Francis

When I saw the Royals play the White Sox on the Fourth of July Jeff was the starting pitcher. This is the same picture that I used for the previous card of Brayan Pena.  (more…)

1985 Fleer – Franklin Gutierrez

Today I thought that I would release some of the Mariner cards that I made for the backs of my 2011 custom set that never really got a fair shot. For the Mariner team I made ’85 Fleer cards because I had just made a template and I really liked how they looked. When I saw the team play last season a few cards came of it. Franklin probably would not have made the set except for the fact that he was on one of my favorite cards so far. A couple of years ago I saw the Indians playing the White Sox. As part of his pregame routine Franklin stood on his head. I was lucky enough to get a picture of it, and it made an appearance on a 1989 Upper Deck card that I made.  (more…)

1984 Topps – Joe Mauer

This is yet another card that has been sitting in a folder on my computer for a while. At one point I was not working, and the cards were being made at an incredible pace. This is one from that time period. I couldn’t possibly post them all so I decided to just slowly release them. When I stopped having the time to make them I should have just kept posting the cards, but for some reason I did not. Joe should not be one of my favorite players because he is a star for a rival team. For some reason though I really enjoy watching him play. This card has two pictures from two separate occasions that make it up. The main picture was taken as Joe was jogging out to the bullpen prior to a game against the White Sox in 2009. He didn’t look up so I had to make do with what I had. The inset picture is of him warming up in the Metrodome in 2008. I loved the old school Twins uniforms, but I didn’t know enough about photography yet to make the picture as sharp as it could have been. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Stefan Gartrell

Stefan is a player that I have learned a lot more about the last few days. During the Sox broadcast against the Cubs Friday Hawk had nothing but good things to say about the young outfielder. During that game he seemed to be the only offense the White Sox had early on as well. I didn’t pay too much attention to him when I saw him play for Charlotte last season, but I may pay a little more this season. (more…)

1989 Upper Deck – Casey Kotchman

As long as I am posting some cards with interesting pictures I thought that I would post this one of Casey Kotchman. Last year when he was playing for the Mariners I caught him stretching in a weird pose. When going through my pictures looking for interesting pictures I saw this one, and thought of an Upper Deck card right away. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Clayton Kershaw

The baseball cards are back today as the preview card of Clayton Kershaw is released. I love this card because of course I decided to show Clayton batting instead of what he should be doing. Being an American League fan I rarely get to see pitchers bat. Of course I would just have to go a little more north to see it, but I enjoy watching people at the plate who can hit. (more…)

1989 Upper Deck – Jason Kendall

Another 1989 Upper Deck card. I really like this set because it allows me to post some pictures that I couldn’t put on a 1987 Topps or a 1985 Donruss card. This set is basically the mold with which I modeled my 2011 custom set after. You have just enough room to get all the important data on the card, but leave plenty of room for the picture. I really like the ’89 Upper Deck set. (more…)

1989 Upper Deck – Nyjer Morgan

This past weekend at a card shop I found some 2002 Upper Deck cards that were styled like the 1989 Upper Deck card. I really liked how they looked with updated logos. I may toy with throwing some of the updated logos onto the cards to see how they look. Since the company that made the card has copied their design I don’t feel so bad anymore. (more…)

1985 Fleer – A.J. Pierzynski

After all of the alternate cards today I thought I would post a regular card. Well it is my version of the regular card anyway. I always liked the 1985 Fleer set so I made a few of the White Sox players a while back. For some reason I have not posted this one yet. I thought since I apparently have been on a 1985 kick today why not post a card from the other manufacturer that year. (more…)

1989 Upper Deck – Marlon Byrd

I really fell in love with the 1989 Upper Deck set when it came out. I loved the pictures, and how they took a new view on what to put on a baseball card. If I had known how the card would change the hobby for the worse I probably would not have embraced it so much. The hobby swung from 50 cents a pack to $3-$4 a pack very quickly. That won’t stop me from making a few cards from the set though. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Matt Holliday

Since coming to the Cardinals from the Athletics in 2009 Matt has provided some much needed protection for Albert Pujols in the Cardinals lineup. I took this picture the day after my birthday in 2009 as Matt was batting. He hit a home run, and I had the swing captured. I would act like it was planned, but i took a few pictures of Matt that day. (more…)

2011 csd Preview – Carlos Marmol

Since he signed an extension today I thought it was time to post the preview card of Carlos Marmol. His new three year deal gives him some comfort that he will be in Chicago for a while. I love the picture on this card for two reasons. The first is that it was taken at night. Not a whole lot of pictures on cards are taken at night. I guess the job of baseball card photographer is a day job. The second is that it was raining. You can see on the card how the grass is glistening, and in the full picture you can even see the raindrops. While it is not the best conditions for my camera it really leads to some cool pictures. (more…)

1989 Upper Deck – Franklin Gutierrez

I have liked this picture ever since I took it in 2008. I wanted to fit it into the set last year, but Franklin was not on the Indians anymore. Since I decided to just make some cards I was able to finally use it. For some reason part of Franklin’s pregame ritual was to stand on his head. For some reason I was taking pictures, and luckily enough just so happened to see it at the right time to capture it. I really lucked out here. (more…)

1984 Fleer – Carlos Quentin

Here is another 1984 Fleer card. I made these from scratch as well, but as you can see by the design there is not too much to them. That being said I like the simple design, and how some of these pictures look on it. This would also be an easy design to change for other teams. (more…)

1983 Fleer – A.J. Pierzynski

Here is yet another oldie but goodie. This is the first regular White Sox card in the 1983 Fleer set that I have been making. I made a Joe Crede card as a Twin, and a Super Star Special card featuring Mark Buehrle and Dewayne Wise. I like the 1983 Fleer design, but may have to try and use my new program to make a new template. This one looks a little rough. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Alex Rios

I love the look of the 1985 Fleer set. Early on in my card making days I made this template from scratch. It looks a little off, but I still like the look of the card. For some reason the gaudy cards from the 80’s are still my favorite. (more…)

1984 Ralston Purina – Paul Konerko

This is another of the cards that I made last night while the snow was piling up outside. As a kid these smaller sets were like gold. Our local card store was actually a jewelery store with a small section in the back with baseball cards. They mostly dealt in the large sets so these cards were rare. That might be why I like them so much. They were so rare to me as a child that now they now seem like something much bigger than they actually are. I liked the idea of trying to make one of these cards. (more…)