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1985 Fleer – Jason Varitek

With Tek retiring I thought that he deserved another day on this site. My favorite player was a catcher on the Red Sox, and ever since then I have taken a little notice of the other backstops in Boston. Rich Gedman was the one in the 80’s that caught my eye. For a long time now Jason Varitek has been the guy. I took this picture last August while Jason was catching against the White Sox. I was happy that he caught the Sunday game so that I could see him catch one last time. Varitek has really succeeded at every level that he has played. Look up his stats, and you will be impressed with how his teams have done over the years. Boston has a huge hole to fill.  (more…)

1985 Fleer – Jonathon Papelbon

Today just feels like an ’85 Fleer kind of day. I don’t know if that is true, but I did want to post this card of Jonathon Papelbon that was sitting in my custom folder. I took the picture last August as the former Red Sox closer was finishing off a game against the White Sox. It will be weird to see him pitching for the Phillies this season.  (more…)

1985 Fleer – Chone Figgins

This is the last card of the day. I still have some cards from the ’85 Fleer set for the Mariners, but they can wait for another day. Chone is a player that supposedly Kenny Williams was high on for several years. I heard many rumors about Figgins for Konerko. Pauley is one of my favorite players so I am glad that the deal was not done. I took this picture last season as Chone was looking to bunt against the Sox.  (more…)

1985 Fleer – Michael Pineda

Michael was a good young pitcher that had just shut down the White Sox when I saw him early last season. I took a couple pictures of him to make some cards from. That worked out well because he was named an All Star, and I had the opportunity to make three cards of him. This was the card that I made to go on the back of his 2011 custom card. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Jason Vargas

Here is yet another 1985 Fleer card for this site. This was another card that was made for the back of my 2011 custom set that really never was fully released. I am sure over time that I will put that set out as well, but for now I thought that I would put out cards that were sitting in my retro folder.  (more…)

1985 Fleer – Erik Bedard

Here is yet another ’85 Fleer card for the Mariners. I love the design of the card, but I just never released these. They were made for the backs of my 2011 custom cards that I have yet to release as well.  (more…)

1985 Fleer In Action – Ricardo Allen

In a few minutes I will be leaving to watch the Boilermakers open up the season against Middle Tennessee State. It is not the biggest matchup in the nation today, but it is the most interesting to me. I thought that I would celebrate the opening of football season with a custom card. This is a custom card blog after all. For some reason I have been wanting to try the ’85 Fleer Football cards for a while. I made this one very quickly so it may be a bit off, but for the most part it captures the essence of that card. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Lucas Harrell

This is a card that I made early on in my card making career. I was playing around with making a ’85 Fleer template when I made this card. I think that I have made a much better template now. This card is pretty rough, but I done like to remake cards. This is how I made it so this is how I will post it. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Zach Walters

I have really been getting behind in posting my Silverhawks cards. For the last couple of years I had a Minor League Monday feature where it was the only day I would post Minor League cards. I have missed it the last couple of weeks so maybe I will just post cards whenever I want for a while to catch up. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Brendan Ryan

I was very busy yesterday so I did not get around to posting any cards. I almost made it through today without getting a chance as well. I chose this card of Brendan because he became one of the players I follow after 2009. I saw him play a couple of games at Busch Stadium. He was a fan favorite at home because of his mustache. I took one of my favorite sports pictures of Brendan during a picture day at the stadium during that weekend. That picture found its way into my 2010 custom set. You can see the card and picture here. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Yazy Arbelo

I have a class A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks just a few miles away from my house. I attend a few South Bend Silverhawks games every year, and it is a given that they will have some cards on this site. In order to make my 2011 custom cards I had to make some cards for the back. I liked how the ’85 Fleer cards were looking so I decided that the Silverhawks would use that Yazy gets the first card because he has stood out the most to me this season. He was just named to the Midwest League All Star team as a reward for his efforts. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Carlos Peguero

Carlos worked his way onto this site. I had never heard of him until yesterday. He was taking some balls in left field when I noticed him during batting practice Wednesday. When he came up to the plate in BP he was the only one in his group going yard. I would only pay attention when he came up, but he was hitting the balls way too far to my left for me to get to. Then he hit one right at me. I only had to move a row or two down, and I put my mitt up and had my first MLB ball of the season. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Ichiro Suzuki

Last night I was at the Mariners game against the White Sox. I have always liked watching Ichiro play so I thought that he should be the first card that I put out from the game. I like the ’85 Fleer Mariners card so I decided that all the cards I need to make should be from that set. (more…)

1985 Fleer (Black) – Brent Lillibridge

Last night Brent was brought into the game against the Yankees to pinch run, and stayed in to play right field. With one out in the bottom of the ninth and two men on he made a very nice catch up against the wall that may have saved the ballgame. He then made a beautiful diving catch of a Robinson Cano line drive that ended the game. What made the catch so much fun to watch was how he threw his arms out after he caught the ball, and then pounded his hand on the turf in celebration. His teammates really let him have it as he jogged in to the great them. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Ken Griffey Jr.

I did not get to see Griffey too much during his short time with the White Sox. I think almost every picture I took of him though will end up on this site attached to a card. I really enjoyed watching the Kid play so I have tried to make as many cards of him as I can. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Scott Podsednik

Here is yet another former Sox player. I liked this picture so I thought I would put it on a card. For some reason I really liked this 1985 Fleer set. This is still using the old template so some of the card is a little rough. I made this card a while ago though so I thought that I would just post it as is. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Andruw Jones

Here is yet another card of Andruw. He really just seemed to like to be photographed. He had a swing that no matter when the picture was snapped seemed to look good. Towards the end of the season he did not make contact very often, but it looked good. He is now a member of the Yankees so I had better get some of my cards of him out there before the season starts. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Octavio Dotel

One player that is no longer on the White Sox that I loved to photograph was Octavio Dotel. He had a great throwing motion that made me look like I knew what I was doing with my camera. I was at a couple games where he was lights out, and I was also at a couple of games where I thought the balls were going to hit the lights in the outfield off the bats of the opponents. (more…)

1985 Fleer – A.J. Pierzynski (Black)

I couldn’t go that long without putting out another alternate card. I was wondering how the 1985 Fleer card would look with the current colors on it. I think the black background looks very good on the grey cardstock. This is a sharp card that I think I may make a few more of. (more…)

1985 Fleer – A.J. Pierzynski

After all of the alternate cards today I thought I would post a regular card. Well it is my version of the regular card anyway. I always liked the 1985 Fleer set so I made a few of the White Sox players a while back. For some reason I have not posted this one yet. I thought since I apparently have been on a 1985 kick today why not post a card from the other manufacturer that year. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Albert Pujols

I will step back a year and post this 1985 Fleer card of King Albert. The other cards in this Pujols dump were all autoposts. I decided to post this card after eating lunch today and seeing the nonstop coverage on Albert Pujols on almost every sports channel. The breaking news was broken last night, and there is nothing new to report. He is not going to sign. He is a great ballplayer, but how much more can you drag this out? (more…)

1985 Fleer – Alex Rios

I love the look of the 1985 Fleer set. Early on in my card making days I made this template from scratch. It looks a little off, but I still like the look of the card. For some reason the gaudy cards from the 80’s are still my favorite. (more…)

1985 Fleer – Bobby Jenks


1985 Fleer Mark Kotsay

Since he probably won’t be back next season I thought that I would post this card of Mark Kotsay. I made a few cards with some players that were probably leaving or not on the team earlier in the year just to try out some different card sets. This one of Kotsay is from that time period. (more…)