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2011 csd Preview – Harold Baines

Since I am on the topic of first base coaches I might as well post my preview card of Harold. As a kid growing up I still remember the chants of ‘Harold’ that used to ring through old Comiskey. One of the highlights of the last decade was seeing Harold play again in a celebrity softball game at the Cell during All Star Weekend in 2003. The crowd chanted his name (although not as loudly as I remember it), and he obliged them by hitting a home run. He still had it in 2003. (more…)

1981 Fleer – Bobby Jenks

After his comments regarding the Sox I had wondered if I should even release these cards I had made of Bobby. This is still the old template because I held onto it for so long. The inaugural set from Fleer was not the best looking set, but it was awesome when it came out. I would not know how awesome for a couple of years. By the time I started collecting all I knew was the fact that there were three card companies. For some reason Topps was much easier to find, but I did enjoy getting all three cards of my favorite players. 1981 was a huge year for the card industry. (more…)

1981 Fleer – Gavin Floyd

I was not too happy with how small my first attempt at the 1981 Fleer card was so I decided to try again. I really could not find a card online that was big enough for a decent template. I tried again with a different card, but I think I ended up with the same result. I used a Rangers card that was a little bigger, and just changed the team name. I can make a couple teams with this template now. (more…)

1981 Fleer – Gordon Beckham