merging my pictures and cards

West Lafayette Baseball

2013 Topps – Keegan Forbes


This is the first of what I hope is an entire team set of cards for the local JV team that I photograph for fun. I have really learned a lot shooting these games, so I thought that I could give something back. I usually put my images on cards from my childhood, but I thought that I would try putting these images on the current set from Topps. I think that it has worked pretty well so far.


1984 Topps – Kyle Gick

84 topps fb kyle gickLater on today I will start releasing some of my 2013 cards for the West Lafayette Red Devil team. I made this one earlier in the season and just put it on Facebook. I thought that I would put it here as well because I like the look of it. I may use some other images on this template as well before the season is over. I really like more than one picture for a few players. This is a great way to make multiple cards. Once the template was made it is very easy to switch between players. I had originally thought of making the whole set out of this design, but thought that I would at least use something from this century.