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Scott Podsednik

1982 Topps – Scott Podsednik

Scott served two tours of duty with the White Sox. He was part of the deal that sent Carlos Lee to the Brewers before the 2005 season. At the time I couldn’t believe that the Sox had gotten rid of Carlos. Who was this little outfielder they got to replace him? Scott quickly endeared himself to Sox fans by stealing bases at a record pace. He injured himself before he could set any Sox stolen base records that season, but did help the team get off to a great start. After leaving the Sox for greener pastures he found himself on hard times. He signed a minor league deal in 2009, and quickly was helping the Sox again. (more…)


1971 Topps – Scott Podsednik


Scott Podsednik – SP

Here is another reason for the short prints. I really had some decent pictures of guys that I liked on the South Side. Why not use them in the set? This picture was taken on the same night as the Jim Thome short print from earlier in the day. Last July I was at the Mullet night game, and had some good seats for taking pictures. A few of those from that night have found their way into this set. Scott already has one card in the set with his new team the Royals. I just thought it would be cool for him to have one in a White Sox uniform. (more…)

Scott Podsednik

Here is yet another card of a White Sox opponent from this season.Of course everyone knows about Scotty Pods in Chicago. He was one of the additions that sparked the 2005 championship season. After a couple of injury filled seasons the Sox let him go. Last season when we needed another spark he was picked up again for peanuts. He had a good batting average, but like 2005 that never really translated into runs scored. This past off season the Royals signed him just after signing Brian Anderson. If you come to the Cell take a walk to right center field where you will find one blue seat that signifies his game winning home run in Game 2 of the 2005 World Series. (more…)