merging my pictures and cards

Los Angeles Dodgers

Clayton Kershaw

Just a couple of years ago Clayton was pitching in the Midwest League which is low A ball. Last year he was one of the hot young pitchers in the National League. (more…)


Andre Ethier

Before an injury earlier this season Ethier was on pace to contend for the NL Triple Crown. He is one of the better hitters in the National League. (more…)

2009 Highlights: End of the Road Trip

One year ago today we ended our annual road trip at Miller Park in Milwaukee to see the Dodgers play the hometown team.  We had a great time watching the game from some great seats. It was a great way to end our trip, and gets a spot on the highlight list. (more…)

Ethan Martin

Ethan is one of the top prospects in the Dodgers organization as well as the league. Before this season he was ranked as the 49th best prospect in baseball. He was a great hitting third baseman as well as a good pitcher. He was drafted in 2008, but a knee injury forced him out until last season. (more…)

Rafael Furcal

Rafael may best be known for his time with the Braves. In 2000 Walt Weis went down with an injury, and Furcal was called up from A ball to take his place. He never looked back becoming one of the best shortstops in the bigs. (more…)

Manny Ramirez

The last card of the day, or the first card of tomorrow depending on how you look at it is Manny Ramirez. Manny has really led two lives in the pros so far. He can be the dominating force at the plate that takes your team far. He can also be the guy that does not go hard after balls in the field, and fakes injuries when he does not feel like playing. No matter what he will be remembered as one of the most feared hitters of his time. (more…)

Austin Yount

Earlier today I had the famous lineage card of Austin. He is the nephew of Hall of Famer Robin Yount, and son of former Major Leaguer Larry Yount. Austin was a good pitcher in college who also played third base. His fielding has been suspect so far in the pros so he sees most of his time at DH. (more…)