merging my pictures and cards

Florida Marlins

Renyel Pinto



Josh Johnson – All Star

Josh pitched two scoreless innings last night in the All Star game for the National League. He was helped in the fourth by a great diving catch by Ryan Braun of the Brewers. (more…)

Hanley Ramirez – All Star

Hanley had a bad run earlier in the season when he was benched for going against his coach. He has since turned it around to become the all star that we all know and love. (more…)

Tim Wood

Tim is another example of a player that would never have had a card in this set without a picture or a story. During batting practice Tim picked up a ball and was ready to fire it back to the ball boy collecting them in short center. A fan in the patio area asked for the ball and Tim decided to do the right thing and give it to him. The ball hit above the patio area and careened to an unsuspecting guy who was on the phone while drinking a beer. The ball landed right in his beer spilling it all over him. The guy did not interrupt the call even to say something to Wood. He just walked away still chatting. Wood could not stop laughing though for the rest of bp. He is shown on the card looking back and cracking jokes with some of the guys in the patio area. (more…)

Leo Nunez

Leo is the closer for the Florida Marlins. The game I saw in May he came in to keep the game close because the Marlins were trailing. Some closers have trouble when the game is not on the line, but Leo did his job and shut down the White Sox. (more…)

Jorge Cantu

This picture was taken this season when I saw the Marlins play in Chicago against the White Sox. It was another of the pictures I took when we moved from the third base side to the third base side. It is another of the boring waiting for the pitch pictures that I have been trying to avoid in this set, but sometimes you have no choice. (more…)

Cameron Maybin

Cameron was a highly touted prospect when he first came into the bigs. He was a part of the package Detroit sent to Florida to acquire Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera. Maybin appears to have all the talent in the world, but can’t seem to put it all together. He does have an interesting story though, and has another card in the works that you may find interesting. (more…)