merging my pictures and cards

2013 Topps – Jose Contreras


Here is another of the 2013 Topps cards that I have been playing around with. This whole site started with me just tinkering with an idea. It quickly blew up into the 2010 custom set which was modeled after the 1985 Topps set. This 2013 idea started off much the same. It started with me messing around with the template for a project for some of the high school kids that I photograph. It then turned into what will probably become another set. Once you get the hang of editing the cards into templates it becomes very easy. When the teams have a similar color it becomes even easier.

Jose is really a great guy that I am glad is still playing the game. In 2009 I meet him in Indy while he was rehabbing with the Charlotte Knights. He actually approached me asking if I wanted his autograph. That was very refreshing on a day when Gordon Beckham was having fun taunting the fans. I guess the maturity level really showed. I was happy to see him play as an Indian, and I am even happier to give him another card in this set. I really toyed with which format to make of this card. In fact I made one sideways and one in the more traditional straight up manner. In the end I liked the variety that this card had to offer. I took a few pictures of Jose during the inning that I saw him pitch so I will probably have another couple of cards for him. By the time he was in the game the stadium was pretty empty so I could move where I needed to to get the shot that I needed.

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