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2013 Topps – Carlton Fisk

2013 Topps CARLTON FISK (2)

Whenever I have made a custom set I have included Carlton Fisk in it. I have always made it a point to include my own pictures as I do all of my cards. Today I thought that I might try something new. Inspired by Dick Allen Hall of Fame I decided to try and recreate what some cards would have looked like had Carlton been playing today. He has done some great things with Dick Allen through all the Topps years, and is now reworking through Mike Schmidt’s career. Click on the link above, or on the sidebar to see some of his great work. In addition to this card I also have a 2013 Topps card made with a picture that I took on it. I will post that card tomorrow. 

I used a card from the late 80’s here for Carlton. I know that the jersey doesn’t exactly match up with the uniform, but I wanted a template for the throwback uniforms that the White Sox will be wearing this season. I would like to catch a couple of Sunday games to get some pictures of these great throwbacks. This card will go a long way toward helping me do that. I like this idea of working back through the years to make a new card of Carlton every year until 1993 when Topps made his last card. With the pressure of having to supply the pictures off of me for this project I thought that I could try a couple of other interesting things as well. This should be a fun project. I may also eventually go back and try it again with the Red Sox. The templates should be similar enough to get both done. Time will tell.


One response

  1. Looks good.
    I have templates from every year if you want to use them.

    May 7, 2013 at 11:08 am

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