merging my pictures and cards

1986 Topps – Hideki Matsui

86 topps hideki matsui

This is a card that I have had made for a long time. There have been cards just sitting in a folder waiting to be made with little hope of getting published. These A’s cards were in a folder because I was going to release them with the 2011 csd custom cards that I was making. When my interest in making the cards died so did the cards that were going to end up on the backs. It is now time to release some of these cards so that they can finally leave the folder. 

Hideki was a player that I saw play for a couple of teams in a couple of years. He made the 2010 custom set that was modeled after the 1985 Topps card design as a member of the Angels. The next year saw him in a new uniform, and on the 1986 Topps card. Hideki had a great game against the White Sox the day I saw him play. This picture was of his home run or double swing. I really can’t remember two years later.


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