merging my pictures and cards

1989 Upper Deck – Brendan Ryan

89 upper deck brendan ryanHere is another card that has been sitting around for a while. I saw Brendan play in St. Louis over my birthday weekend in 2009. I was a very fun trip that allowed me to see some Cardinal games from up close. For some reason the mustache of Brendan really made him interesting to photograph for me. That along with his socks which were very different seemed to be a lightning rod for my camera.

I really like this ’89 Upper Deck card. When I start making cards again I think that I will redo this template to fix a couple of errors that I made that bother me when I see it. It does make for a very nice place to show off my pictures though. This was one of the first templates that I made after I branched off from the ’85 Topps design.

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