merging my pictures and cards

2010 Football – Brian Kelly

brian kellyThis is how far behind I am on this blog. I have some of the 2010 custom football cards that I made that I have never released. This was a set that started as a tribute to the 1985 Topps Football card, and then morphed into what you see above. It was a simple and clean design that allowed me to show off my pictures a bit more. In the end I never really followed through on it, and I only made a handful of cards.

Perhaps Brian Kelly was a bit hyped when he came to Notre Dame. Now a couple of years later things seem like the fans knew what was going on. In his third season he has a shot at the National Title. That third year of a coach really seems to be a popular time to win at Notre Dame. We will find out tonight against Alabama. I thought that this picture of Coach Kelly walking to his first game was pretty cool. A couple of years later I think it is even cooler as he tries for his first title.

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