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1985 Topps – Famous Lineage Sandy Alomar

85 topps famous lineage sandy and robby

Sandy has always been a favorite player of mine. That might be why I have included him twice in this set. I always liked the father and son set that Topps put out in 1985. I wanted to re-create it, but also to make it a little broader. With that in mind I was now able to make a card like this that showed Sandy next to his Hall of Fame brother Robby. 

I used the Topps Traded card for Roberto from his rookie season here. Both brothers broke in at about the same time. One of them I really liked, and the other I was not so crazy for. They both played for the White Sox though so I have rooted for both of them. I think that Sandy will be a fine manager in the bigs someday. That is when the first person takes the big chance on him.

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