merging my pictures and cards

1985 Fleer – Miguel Olivo

85 fleer miguel olivo

This is another card that was originally made to go on the back of my 2011 custom set that I made many cards for, but never really released. The sole purpose of the cards was to grace the back of my card that I made from scratch. It was a good idea, but as usual I made it into something much bigger than it should have been making it very hard to complete. Making backs with a blurb for each card was a great idea, but took a lot of time.

I took this picture in 2010 as the Mariners were playing the White Sox. I have enjoyed seeing Miguel play since his days with the White Sox early on. He was a Cub killer, and I have followed his career since. I have a few more cards of Miguel on this site if you click on the hyper link on the right.

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