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1986 Topps – Carlton Fisk Tribute (1991-1993)

86 topps fisk career (91-93)Here is the final card in the mini set that I created to cover the career of Carlton Fisk. One day I was bored thinking of ideas for custom cards. Normally a card has to have a picture by me to be on this site. Carlton was my favorite player, and after seeing the set that Topps did for Pete Rose in 1986 I decided to make my own. It was a fun idea that I have since copied for Gary Carter upon learning of his passing. I may bring this back in the future for some of my other favorite players. Those will be weird though as some of them weren’t born yet in 1986.

This card marks the final appearances as a player that Carlton made on a Topps card. In the era of short prints and bonus cards he has lived on, but I wanted to keep this set limited to his playing days. I had some trouble with what to do with the blank space that would take up a fourth of this card. I came up with the Hall of Fame plaque a a very good filler. This was a favorite series of mine, and it was fun to make. It is only fitting that this ends on the birthday of Pudge.

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