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1985 Topps – Alex Rios

Since today is Opening Day for the Sox I thought that I would post a couple of cards of the team from the South Side of Chicago. If you haven’t figured out by looking at this site yet that I like the White Sox than you haven’t really been looking at this site. One of the guys that I really will be rooting for this season is Alex Rios. Alex has shown what kind of player that he can be, but sometimes I think that he is his own worst enemy. I hope that he can have another season like we know that he can have this year. 

This is a card from a subset that I made in 2010 as I was going to the ballpark to celebrate the 25th anniversary of my first ever game. I had an idea to make the set from 1985 as that was the year that I first saw the Sox play live. I never really finished the set, but here is card number 10 that I have posted from that set. This is the 60th card that I have posted modeled after the ’85 Topps set unless you count the plethora of cards that I made for my 2009 custom set. This is the sixth card that I have made for Alex, and the 337th White Sox card to make the set.

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