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1986 Topps – Carlton Fisk Tribute (1980-1982)

Here is yet another card in the mock Carlton Fisk tribute that I made up. This card might not have been made yet if not for the Gary Carter tribute set that I made upon learning of his death. It was with that set that I made the decision to leave out the All Star and other special cards in order to keep things running a little better. I did include the ’81 Topps traded card of Carlton though. He did play for the White Sox in ’81 so it had to be there. Where things would have started getting tricky was in 1982 with the In Action and All Star cards that Topps put out. I think that for now those were best left off of the card. 

This is the 3rd card in this set. This is also the 35th time that I have posted a card that resembled one in the ’86 Topps set. It is the 18th card with a Red Sox player on it, and the 336th time that a Sox player has appeared on a card. This is the 9th time that I have posted a card of Carlton on this site. I am sure that plenty more will be made over time.

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