merging my pictures and cards

1987 Topps – Dustin DeMuth

Dustin was a fun player to photograph last spring. I had watched him play football for my hometown team, but had not seen him play baseball yet. I am a Purdue fan, but I did root for Dustin (who plays for the hated Hoosiers) when he came to bat. I was lucky enough to see a couple games that weekend so Dustin has had a few cards made from them. 

This is the 50th time that I have posted a card from the ’87 Topps set. I have at least three sets that I collated back then along with a factory set. I bought way too many of these cards back then. I thought that I should make about as many before I am all said and done as well. I do find it funny that as I celebrate the 25th anniversary of this set that I put a kid on it that wasn’t even close to being born yet. Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes. This is the 4th time that Dustin has appeared on this site. Being from my hometown I thought that it would be cool to make a few cards of him. Even though they are Purdue’s rivals this is the 14th time that the Hoosiers have appeared on this site. This is the ninth time that I have posted a card of a player that once played a sport for the LaPorte Slicers.

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